Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sri Banjar Ikan Bakar - Selayang

Since last week Nikky has been ajak-ing us to go to Selayang and eat grill fish. Once I heard the word 'Selayang', it was a big no-no for me, as this place is too far to travel for food. However, he insisted that the grill fish there was dem nice, so we (Calvin couple, Yweng couple, Nikky, my bro, boy boy and me) proceeded with the plan last night.

It was raining last night and the road in Kepong was a bit jam. Once we were out from Kepong, towards Selayang, the road seemed long to me, and covered with huge trees (coz near FRIM), and the road was quite dark.

After 45 minutes drive, we reached Selayang Food Court, our much awaited Sri Banjar Grill Fish. There were only one table occupied, so I wondered the quality of food. Since Nikky said it was super nice, how come not full geh? Hmm.....

My bro was sweating while he was browsing through the menu, as Sri Banjar offers all grill stuffs marinated with curry powder (my bro cant take spicy food). Nikky did the ordering. The boss grilled the dishes behind us. Yup, we were seated in front of the grill as there were the only place vacant. So it was a bit hot, and our body all smelled of 'grill fish smell'. Actually there were tables outside the foodcourt, under a big umbrella, but we scared the rain will turn heavy, so it was better to stay under the roof.

Grill Ikan Bawal Mas (RM23 for 2 ikan). Mich and Yweng preferred this ikan compared to pari as the meat was soft and has a tint of curry flavour to it.

Grill Ikan Pari (RM26). I super love the taste of it! Strong curry flavour marinated with the boss' secret recipe. For me and Annie, we preferred the pari compared to the bawal taste. I went until the extend of taking a portion of the bone and scrapped every meat that was sticked to the bone. The chilli was nice as well. Even without dipping the chilli, the pari taste was so good. Best grill pari that I have tasted so far.

Kam Heong La La (RM12). The lala was big and fresh, unlike the Chinese dai chao's lala which was very small. The kam heong was a bit watery and oily, but the taste of kam heong was still strong. Not a bad dish.

Grill sotong (RM12). Another different type of curry marination. This dish was towards Malay type of sambal. Nice.
Grill Siput (RM12). This was a last minute order from me, when I was browsing through the menu. I thought it would be like the one that I ate in Penang, but when it was served, the siput was a bit small lor, and they didnt give us toothpicks. Then Annie told me that the one that I ate in Penang (which has sharp spikes) is different.

Never mind, since I am a blogger, I must explore new 'food'. But I really dont know how to eat this tiny thing lei. They said suck it from the hole. I suck suck suck also cannot come out. I gave up after trying 2 biji, continued eating my pari and sotong. After that, I went back to suck this siput again. Suck until my head also pain le and I finally got the hang of it.

Stir Fried Paku Pakis (RM5). How can a meal complete without vege right? This paku pakis tasted ok.

I asked Nikky how he managed to find this nice place which is quite far from PJ. He said his colleague always come to Selayang for fishing. After he catches a fish, he will bring to Sri Banjar for him to grill (for a charge of RM10). That was how he discover this hidden gem in Selayang.

Sri Banjar is famous for his grill. Take a look at the above dishes that we ordered, you will know that all his marinate sauces were different for every single dish. The boss really spend time to develop a variety of sauce. My 2 thumbs up for the Grill Pari.

The total bill came up to RM110.20 (RM8 for 8 bowls of rice, RM12.20 for drinks). Thanks Nikky for belanja-ing us the dinner.

This stall is located in Selayang Food Court. If you are coming from Kepong, go towards Selayang. Turn left at a traffic light that shows Taman Desa. From there, go straight for 10km (passing by Selayang Hospital and Mydin). Turn left when you reach a roundabout, then go straight, take 3 oclock turning at the second roundabout. Selayang Food Court is on your left.


maro^gal said...

hmmm i know is seafood, but due to the portion of the food, they look expensive to me hehehee

siewmun said...

The price of each dish is for 2 plates of that amount le, coz we 8 ppl ma, so the boss separated the dish into 2 plates, easier for us to take.

The pictures only show half of the portion only actually.