Sunday, March 22, 2009

Room Makeover In Progress

Last time when boy boy and I were in Ikea, he bought 2 lamps, one table lamp and one wall mounting lamp. Last Saturday was the starting of the makeover day. Since I have nothing to do except looking at him doing his stuffs, I took out my camera (blogger's nature) and start snapping some photos. At one point, when I flashed my camera (coz it was a bit dark), he thought he kena electrocuted. I was laughing like mad. Then he scolded me stupid. Wahahhaa.....

A step by step guide on how to fix a wall mounted Ikea lamp. First, he took out the fluorescence lamp from the wall, a 'pattern' was left on the wall as well as some wires.

Fixing the power cable.

Connecting the wires. White is neutral, Blue is light, green is .... he didnt say.

Drilling a hole.

Fixing the lamp.


While he was fixing the lamp, his mother came in and said, "Preparing your room for wedding is it?". He said, "no comment". I didnt thought of it also, his mum really terror wo, knows what his son is thinking. Good good, renovate more, then we can have a nice "xin liang fang" (bride's room).

After everything was fixed, boy boy said the wire hanging down from the lamp doesnt look nice. Dont know why Ikea design such wall-mounted lamp with power cord and a wire, it looks dem ugly. Then I said, "never mind, just leave it there, we will put our big wedding photo over it to cover up the wire, no worries!". He gave me this expression: =.="

After taking out all the wires, he lost his 2 white fluorescence lamp, and left with this one and only Ikea yellow lamp. Now his room become really dark as the Ikea lamp was really dim. Totally not suitable for reading, and playing MJ.

Now his next mission is to paint the room and to buy a standing lamp and a sofa. Since this my "xin liang fang", I wan purple color wall and purple color sofa! can ar? I love purple now. My ji muis gonna dressed in purple and your heng dais gonna dressed in purple too! Flower boy baby JL and flower girl baby Ning Ning gonna dressed in purple too! (Opps, thinking too far away again).


Calvin said...

Renji-kun, makeover what la. straight buy a new house, lagi best to makeover.

Nikky said...

Off the light is still the same..

Renji-kun said...

Buy new house wo. U think I'm so rich like some other ppl meh.Off light not song liao.Dim light good