Friday, March 20, 2009

RM3 saved.

Today I was on a half day PM leave, need to fetch my sis from college at 1pm. So I parked my car at Kelana Jaya LRT station. That time was 7.30am, so I still managed to find a parking in the middle (not near and not too far).

At 1.15pm, when I was walking towards my car, I didnt aspect to see some cars (actually quite a number of them) double parked horizontally behind the cars that parked vertically! Then only I remembered Nikky has told me about this incident before whereby his car was being blocked by someone and he has to wait 2 hours for the someone to come and collect the car. Imagine how some people can just be sooooo incosiderate.

While walking, I saw cars already double parked at the row where my car supposed to be! I was thinking die la this time, if people block my car, what am I suppose to do???? I think I will curse the person, then I would be thinking that my holiday gone case liao. Have to wait for the fella to come back. Since waiting for the fella to come, maybe I can draw some 'graffiti' on the car hor???

Then when I reached my car, luckily no one was blocking. My car was in between 2 double parked cars. Phew! It was good that I left the back of my car outside the yellow line a bit, so that people wont think of double park at my car as they would be blocking more road. See, being a lousy driver like me, sometimes ending up making smart moves. :P

So, happily drove my car, did a U-turn and searching for the payment counter. I assumed it was on the exit side (this was my first time parking in KJ LRT station ok). Then I was driving slowly, looking where was the counter. Until I reached the exit to LDP also I didnt see any counter, so I just sped off!

I felt bad for not paying the parking, but heck, where was the counter for payment, I didnt see you! Plus, they do not deserve my RM3 for making me freaked out on the double parking incident. Padan Muka U!


Phui Yee said...

I think that day papers came out we no longer have to pay for the parking.. Only in certain lrt parking..That's why u c no ppl collect money. Hhahahaha.

siewmun said...

Yalor, my dad told me that too. Coz they in the midst of looking for contractor for the parking.