Monday, March 9, 2009

Pasta Zanmai - One Utama (revisit)

After watching Slumdog movie, went and met up with my dad who was in MPH (coz he doesnt wanna watch the movie). Now, thinking what to have for lunch, we walked around in One U to search for food. Almost ended up in Fish & Co., my bro kept on saying he wanna try Pasta Zanmai, coz he heard my reviews last time.

Dad's Gyu Wafu (Beef Soup Pasta I assumed). Priced at RM26, my dad loves the soup and the beef. The soup was sweet as what my mum said. Good comments from dad on this.

Chicken Katsu Pasta (RM13). The chicken was served in a very big piece, and it was quite crunchy. The sesame sauce was exactly the same as my Soft Shell Crab pasta that I ordered during my last visit. Indeed the sauce was nice.

Bro ordered Unagi Yana (RM26), he cant run away with Unagi everytime he visits a Japanese restaurant. His one was a bit special whereby it doesnt have sesame sauce or whatever. It I said is dry, it doesnt look dry either. Hmm....dont know how to descripe tiem. The unagi was nice (my bro said it is standard taste among all Japanese restaurant), with some egg, mushroom and seaweed. This dish tasted distinctively different.

Although Pasta Zanmai serves nice Japanese pastas, I couldnt bring myself back here anymore in the near future as I starting to get a bit 'jelak' with the sauces there. Hehe. But no doubt, it worth a visit for whoever never try before.

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