Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marley and Me

Being in a dog-lover family, how could we not watch 'Marley & Me'? Plus, we had a 'Marley' too! My dad, sis and me went and watched Marley & Me, my mum supposed to follow us but she was down with fever, so she has to let this movie a go.

The story was about a couple (Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston) who are not ready to be a parent yet, so they decided to buy a dog to sort of 'testing out' the responsibility to take care of a child. However, disaster strikes when they bought back a 'clearance puppy' who is out of control!

Albeit the troubles that Marley brought to them, it did bring love to their family. As time goes by, the couple has 3 children who bonded with Marley. I do wish that the movie could show more of Marley's behavior instead of Owen Wilson narrates the scenes in a very fast screen plays and with Owen's blurry narration.

Since starting I already know that Marley will die at the end, but I still couldnt help myself not to cry during that part. The whole cinema people was sobbing, even guys! My sis who read the book 2 years ago, didnt cry wo...surprisingly. But she told me that she cried while reading the book. She said the book was much more nicer.

See, we have a 'Marley' too! Meet our 2 year old Labrador Retriever, Max when he was still a puppy when we brought him back. Last time we wanted to name him Marley as my sis just read the book. But my sis doesnt want it and didnt give any reason. So my guess now is that she knows that Marley died in the book, so she does not want to name our puppy that name, scare that our puppy will die too.

We have a big furry 'Marley too!

Max was somehow similar with Marley as he chewed our shoes too! God knows how many pairs of shoes he had chew and how many times my parents had whacked him. A bit dumb I can say, not as smart as Shadow.

But, he does come out to the gate and welcome us back, and will stick with us no matter where we walk. Compared to our Shadow, who is a lazy bum (maybe he is 7 years old liao, old already?).

Marley & Me was entertaining despite the sad ending.

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