Monday, March 9, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market - Sunway Pyramid

After watching Benjamin Button, it was 9pm. When we called Nikky (he didnt watch the movie with us), he also just reached Pyramid to meet us up for dinner. Already super hungry but still couldnt decide what to eat. Walked around ice skating area to search for food. We stood in front of Canton Bay that served similar food with Canton-i, and browsed through their menu. The dishes there were freaking expensive le, RM35 for a plate of pork or chicken. For RM35, I can eat Tony Roma's burger already.

Ended up in Manhatten Fish Market, my usual favourite Fish n Chips restaurant. There was one time I super craved from MFM until every time I go to a shopping complex, I will eat MFM no matter who are with me. Hahaha.

For the 7 of us, we ordered 2 Seafood Plater for Two for sharing, one grill and one fried, one filled with rice, one half fries half rice.

I still love their fried fish and it was crunchy, together with garlic butter sauce, tasted superb! The prawns were fresh as the shell was peeled off easily. The rice was fragrant, calvin super love the rice, and my bro super loves the fries (This sentence rhymes hor?).

For all the MFM restaurants that I have tasted before, I personally prefers Pyramid and Subang Parade branches, as these 2 places served the nicest Fish n Chips ever. I think the MFM in Mid Valley has some hygiene problem as I have diarrhea everytime I dined there. The one in KLCC has super lousy service. The Fish n Chips in The Curve was not nice. The one in Penang Auto City was fine as well, but I dont travel Penang often.

See, told you I love MFM until I can distinguish which branch is the best.

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