Thursday, March 5, 2009

LRT Electric Shocked

Tuesday night after Salsa class that ended at 7.30pm, went back to my place and saw a message from my bro saying that LRT no electricity, plus he added the word “terrible’. I was stunned. How to go back ar like that? After a heavy downpour somemore, I looked out from the window, Jalan Ampang was so dem jam.

Called my bro, he was in Avenue K, Shanghai Grand 10 having a snack with his colleague. Smart.

Called Scott, he was in Klang meeting with his customer. Jalat.

Called dad, he asked me to take a taxi back. Mou lek. =.=”

Called AL, she didn’t manage to take the LRT too at 6pm, went to KLCC and waiting for her bf to pick her up. Kesian.

Called MG, she was at home already. She managed to take the LRT and reached Masjid Jamek before the electrical blackout. The LRT she got in was stuck between Dang Wangi and Masjid Jamek station for 20minutes before it moved again. Lucky.

Called Yweng, he was working OT. Lagi kesian.

Die lor like that, how to go back? My bro lagi smart, he asked me to go to Ampang Park LRT to check whether it is moving already or not, whereas he can just walk down a staircase to check instead of me walking 5 minutes. =.=”

PY and me still struggling how to go back. PY asked his bf to come and fetch her, then bring her to Bukit Jalil Station. Then she will go back home in Serdang first, then only send me back to PJ. I was like, “is not on the way at all!”. Knowing me, who really don’t like to disturb people, a bit reluctant to go with her plan. Hehe.

Panic until 8.15pm, my bro called, he said he got into an empty train, and the crowd was not big also. The train is moving like normal already.Woohoo~!!! Me and PY straight away packed our things and walked to the LRT.


The next day, AL told me that she bought the LRT ticket and went down to the platform. After seeing so many people, she decided to exit the platform and walked to KLCC. The ticket counter makan her ticket. So, she was a bit frustrated because she rugi RM2.40. It was not the money that bothers her, it was the attitude of the ticketing counter.

If there is no electricity, just don’t sell the tickets la. Why bother selling the tickets to customers whereby the customers cant get onto the train due to ‘Technical Difficulty’?

So, after work, AL purposely queue at the customer service counter (actually, she can just purchase the tickets through the ticketing machine) just to complain about yesterday incident. And she purposely didn’t give the exact amount of RM2.40, so that she has time to complain while the person finding the change for her. Tactics.

PY and I were standing not far away just to observe her complain. She terror wo, she can complain and smile at the same time. Then we saw her hand moved her moved there. But still with a smiley face.

AL: “Hari ini ada elektrik tak? Semalam saya rugi RM2.40 tau”

Operator: “ooo, you masih ada lagi ticket itu ke? Kita boleh refund balik”.

AL: “Machine sudah makan ticket saya lor”

Operator: “Oh, lain kali datang balik counter sini, bagi ticket balik, kita refund, jangan keluar guna machine itu”.

AL: “I mana tahu wo, you tak cakap pun. Lain kali, tak ada elektrik jangan jual ticket la, bawah sesak nafas tau”.

Me and PY was laughing like mad already. Sesak nafas pulak. This AL hor, you see her so small size, but she really dare to complain one wo. But she complained with a smiley face, I salute her.

For me, I wont go and complain verbally, but I will write a complain letter and email to the LRT customer service center. I still prefer writing as I can be very sarcastic in my writing and pin point every single thing that I am not satisfy, but not through my mouth. Hahaha.

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maro^gal said...

hahhaa... why u so kelian... call so many ppl... tat day KL had a massive jam and flood right??... so cham la malaysia...
sigh KL rain till flood... penang got two fire incident.. burn down 2 different factories.. one of it is my fren family wan... so cham..

i will choose to complain face to face too... coz i'm not good in writing.. hahahhaa