Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jake's Charbroil Steaks

My sis is back from National Service! On that Wednesday itself, she asked my parents not to go grandma's place for dinner as she wanted to have some nice food outside (2 months 'suffering' in the camp). I, of couse very happy as I can have a nice dinner for free. Wahahhaa.

To my expectation, she chose Jake's, as Jake's have been our favourite place for steaks since I was 5 years old. Plus, I have been dying to blog about this place as they serve really really good steaks that makes Victoria Station, San Francisco Steakhouse, The Ship etc look like B-Grade steakhouse. I am not exaggerating it ok.

Jake's steakhouse has been around for more than 20 years. Located at a quiet corner beside the famous Victoria Stations along the Jalan Setiapuspa. For so many years, they maintain one shop lot space (which means limited tables), but the customers can get to communicate with the owners directly. Both of the sisters are very friendly and they will chat with you, and will ask what the customers think of their food. Nice ambience as well.

Hungarian Goulash (RM9). Tasted a bit bland, not so rich in ingredients. Maybe I have tasted the best Hungarian Goulash in Klimt's before, so HG that other restaurants served was not up to my standard. Should have order the Oxtail soup instead. Hehe.

Potato Skin (RM9.90 per serving of 2 pieces). A total must-order in Jake's! We order potato skin everytime we visit Jake's, when I mean 'everytime', it really means every single visit to this restaurant 100% we will order it, without fail. No one cant beat Jake's Potato Skin. The skin was baked to crunchiness (super crunchy), the beef pieces, capsicans, onions toppled with a layer of cheese, baked to perfection! Dip the PS with sour cream, superb!

Sis ordered Prawn Cocktail with Mango (RM18.90).

Cheese Tacos (RM15). The tacos was filled with cabbage, tomato slices, some onions and baked with cheese. So cheesey! Taken together with their special Mexican chilli sauce, delicious!

Dad ordered US Sirloin (RM88). Medium to well-done. Super juicy and the beef was well-marinated, sweet.

Mum and bro ordered US Spare Ribs with bone each (RM83). A signature dish in Jake's. Again, the best spare ribs in town and no one else can beat them. Again, medium to well-done. The meat was tender and juicy, and I (actually my whole family) super love the taste of the spare ribs. Last time, my uncle even took up the bone and chew the meat around it. He also cant resists it. They have a slightly bigger portion for 2 person to share and it costs around RM100 I think.

Last but not least, apple pie with ice cream (RM9.90). Nicely done.

For so many years, this is the first time (if I am not mistaken) we visited Jake's on a weekday. Comparing to the quality of food for weekdays and weekends, I would say the food in weekday was much better (not that the weekend ones were bad). Coz I think that the chef has ample time and took his own sweet time to prepare the food (as customers were not many during weekdays), and he has done it perfectly. Perfecto!

There was one time that we stop visiting Jake's as they stop serving US beef (US mad cow disease that time). When they use other country's beef for spare ribs, even though with the same marination, it doenst taste the same, it lacks of omph. When we visit them, we will only order spare ribs where they use US beef.

Oh ya, the price for the steaks are a bit steep. If you would like to splurge a bit on food or celebrating a special occasion, Jake's is well worth the money. If you are a beef lover like my whole family, Jake's is a must try.

Jake's Charbroil Steaks

21, Jalan Setiapuspa.

Tel: 20945677 (please call for reservation during weekends).

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