Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to ....

find a chauffeur without him grumbling.

On Tuesday morning, I suppose to drive my car and park at Kelana Jaya LRT station, as my dad is not around to chauffeur me to GuZheng class and my mum also has her belly dancing class to attend, so there is no one to fetch me home.

Then, Monday night, this conversation came:

Boy boy: Do you need me to fetch you to class tomorrow?

Me: No need to ‘ma fan’ (disturb) you le.

Boy boy: Is ok.

Me: Don’t want le, later while you waiting for me, then you grumble a lot, then I no mood liao.

Boy boy: Sure don’t want me to fetch? (still luring me)

Me: (Since he so in the mood to fetch me) Want! But you cannot grumble one ya.

So, I managed to get a secondary chauffer for last night and he didn't grumble at all. *wink*

Reached Taman Paramount LRT station at 7.45pm after my salsa class. My guzheng class started at 8.30pm and finished at 9.30pm. During that time, boy boy was just sitting at the table next to me. He was doing his work, but when he turned his head and looked at me, then I can’t get my notes correct. Swt. I asked him don’t look at me.

Then when my teacher demonstrated the song for me, again boy boy turned and looked at my teacher. Then my teacher also can’t play nicely, and she stopped and said, ‘he is looking at me, I can’t play’ (in a very gentle way la, my teacher is very gentle lady). Then boy boy immediately looked away. Pai Seh. Hahahaha….

After my class, it was already 9.45pm, and we still haven’t taken our dinner. At the same row, there are McD (dinner set meal doesn’t worth the money, since their set lunch is priced at RM6 only), Thai restaurant (boy boy don’t like Thai food [but he likes Thai massage]), Big Bowl Vegetarian restaurant (boy boy also don’t like vegetarian food), The Cave (I think it closed down already or maybe they close on Tuesday?), and Island CafĂ©.

So we went to Island Cafe. At first, I regretted for not bringing my camera, but after the dinner, I didn’t feel any tiny winy bits of regrets. The food was totally out of standard! Boy boy’s tomyam noodles tasted sour and oily only, my Sze Chuan Hot & Spicy noodle tasted bland like Maggi Mee curry. Sux.

Plus the environment was dem noisy, music was loud, people’s talking was loud, we can’t even have a conversation with each other. Super waste of money for the food and the environment. Definitely not going back there anymore.

When I reached home, I was exhausted. Can’t bath immediately after food, so sat the sofa and watched my recorded CSI series. Until half way through, I was sleepy, eyes gonna close, waist also a bit pain (I think I over-stretched during the salsa class), so wanna go to bed, but so smelly after Salsa dance class. Sigh, forced myself to take bath.

What a day.

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