Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hokkien Mee - Taman Paramount

It was raining heavily last Sunday evening. We waited for the rain to be lighter a bit, and we went for food hunting. I wanted to try this steamboat restaurant, which was newly open around Taman Paramount. I thought I can order some steamboat set during the cold and rainy day. Best time for steamboat!

When we passed by this restaurant, called UFO Steamboat, I saw their price, “Eat all you can for RM19.90”. Then I was thinking whether to try or not. If it offers steamboat set for 2 pax, I would have entered already. But it was buffet wo, me and Scott was not super hungry also, and for RM21.90, I can have steamboat buffet in Hot Pot Restaurant liao le.

We parked our car, walked pass the restaurant and towards Hokkien mee restaurant. While I was walking pass the UFO, I saw their steamboat has 3 compartments for 3 different kind of soup! Then I said, one day, I must ajak a gang of people to try out this restaurant. Steamboat buffet is the best when eating with a group of people. Furthermore, this restaurant was not crowded at all, only 2 -3 tables occupied that time. Not enough advertisement yet?

For the Hokkien mee, we sat at a table along the corridor, maybe it was raining, so the crowd was not huge as compared to normal nights where you have to wait 45 minutes to eat the Hokkien mee. This was the case when I visited this restaurant with my family. We saw the cook frying huge amount of Hokkien mee, then only scoop out to smaller portion plate by plate. It was like more than 5 plates. That time, the Hokkien mee tasted super bland and super out of standard. Since then, my family boycott this restaurant and never come back again.

The last time Scott introduced me the stir fried La La (RM10 for 2 person portion) of this restaurant, I super fell in love with it. This time, we ordered again. I super love it still! Lots of sauce mixed with garlic, ginger pieces. Strong flavour. Definitely a must order. This plate of Lala was served within 1 minute of ordering. Super fast!

Another 15 minutes only came the Hokkien mee (RM10 for 2 person portion). The chef uses charcoal to fry the Hokkien mee. This time it tasted fine and flavourful. However, it was super oily le. We cant finish the whole plate cause the oiliness made us ‘jelak’ and ‘geli’ to continue eating it.The next time I come, I will still order the Lala but not the Hokkien mee. It was not as super good as what other people have claimed. Maybe I will try other type of noodles.

I couldnt get the name of the restaurant as it was raining that time.

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