Monday, March 16, 2009

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant - Dataran Sunway

PY has been telling me that she loves Ho Ho Steamboat restaurant in Sri Petaling and will visit them at least once a week. Then I asked what is so special about this steamboat until she visits so many times. She said the soup base is 'chun' until she finishes the last drop of it. Whoa! Since she described until like that, being a steamboat kaki, how can I not pay this restaurant a visit.

She managed to give me the website of this restaurant and I saw the nearest branch to me is the Kota Damansara branch. Last Sunday evening was raining heavily, perfect day for steamboat! Sms-ed Nikky at 6.30pm, so happen that he and suyin were looking for a place to eat. So there we went --> HO HO HO Steamboat (Santa Claus meh???).

Before I went, I called the boss' hp to make a reservation. The conversation sounded like this:

Me: Can I make a reservation?
Boss: Can. But if u come too late, I cant reserve a place for you.
Me: I am coming now lor, will reach 7.10pm like that, can or not?
Boss: Like that still can. [he wanted to put down the phone already]
Me: You dont need to ask me how many ppl coming ar?
Boss: Then how many people?
Me: 4
Boss: Ok. [he wanted to put down the phone again]
Me: You dont need to ask my name?
Boss: Erm...ok, what's your name then?

After talking to him, I was thinking why the boss so blur one? But hor, when we reached there, we were seated in front of the counter. Throughout our dining there, the boss shouted quite loud to his staffs le, then mumbled a lot in Hokkien. All 4 of us just stared at each other, wanna laugh at his reaction also cannot, coz it would be too obvious already. So, we just focused on our food.

Ho Ho steamboat is not buffet style. They offer RM13.50 per set (minimum 2 sets). One set is for one pax only. Plus, they offer quite a number of side dishes. The standard set consists of yam (nice), dumpling (not bad), fish balls (fresh), clams, fish slices, fu chuk, beancurd, taofupok, and loads of vege.

As well as yee mee, meehoon and eggs.
Ho Ho Steamboat offers only one soup base (no tomyam, porridge, soya or what so ever), and this soup base could kill you man! You will get addicted to it. Even Nikky and Scott said the soup was nice to drink. The soup was different as they dont have ajinomoto. I could really feel that the owner really spent time in boiling the soup, not like other steamboat restaurant who gives clear soup. We also almost cleared off all the soup at the end.

Another thing worth mentioning is the chilli. Ho Ho chilli doesnt taste like the typical chicken rice chilli sauce, it has their own unique flavour. It wasnt super spicy and it was just nice for a person who cant eat super spicy food (I wonder whether PY love this chilli or not, it might not be spicy enough for her taste).

As a whole, a good recommendation from PY. I was searching high and low for steamboat restaurant who offers set menu instead of buffet (buffet steamboat is too common nowadays) and I finally found a genuine one. I prefer steamboat set as sometimes I am not super hungry and I just wanna have steamboat for dinner, and I wouldnt wanna pay RM20 for steamboat buffet, which will stuff me like mad.

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant

22A, Jalan PJU 5/8,

Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,

47810 Petaling Jaya.

(Tiny Direction: Coming from LDP, pass by Ikea, go straight down the tunnel, pass by Shell petrol station and Palm Spring Condo. Ho Ho steamboat is on your right).


maro^gal said...

hahaha never see this Ho Ho before leh... i only can eat steamboat with frens.. cos my parents only eat steamboat at home... hahahaa

actually i think the boss just fu hin you since u so wanted to make a reservation... ahahha

Phui Yee said...

I love the chili as well. I use to scoop huge amount of chili and eat with a small portion of meehoon. Hahaha..Till the end, with the hot boiling soup, i will feel spicy and hot..Hahaha

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