Sunday, March 22, 2009

Girls Day Out

Meeting Sharon and Jackie in Ikea on Saturday. The day before, Sharon told me about Ikea serves meehoon (sometimes char kuey tiow) and small paos for breakfast. I didnt believe her at first as the last time I went to Ikea with boy boy, they dont have such thing, except sandwiches and muffins.

When I reached Ikea cafe, a plate of meehoon, chicken wings and popia were on the table. Ikea didnt serve pao today. Sharon only ate her plate of meehoon and left the chicken wings and popias untouched as she knew that I wanted to take a picture of those food. So nice of her. She bought the food first as these food are always sold out within 1 hour of opening, which means that by 10.30am, these 'special' food are sold out. No wonder last time I only saw sandwiches and muffins in Ikea.

A plate of fried meehoon with sambal for RM1, dirt cheap for an air-con environment. Not spicy as the sambal was more of the tomato flavour. But for RM1, who wanna complain about it?

Popia (RM1) per piece.

Chicken wings (RM3.80 for 2 pieces). This, you do not need to rush to buy as they serve chicken wings all day long.

While waiting for Jackie to arrive (she said 12pm she will reach, but knowing her, we have to add 1 hour to her time), we chat. The crowd in Ikea started to come, there were lots of people looking for space. Seeing our table which was filled with empty plates and half glass full of soft drinks, they tend to stand beside us. But heck, we are not finished yet as I still need to try Ikea meatballs. When people stared at us, it made us look awkward lor.

Jackie reached 1.05pm.Once she reached, Sharon and I quickly went to Q up for Ikea hot dishes. We dont let Jackie to buy the food for us as we believed that she definately will over order the food. Both of us scared of her already. Although Sharon has to eat for 2 person, but still could not help finish what Jackie will order.

The whole process of Q-ing to taking a trolley to ordering of food to paying at the counter took 20 minutes. Quite crazy I can say, but people still loves Ikea food. I think the reason why it was so long is that there was only 2 counters and 2 guys taking and making the hot dish upon ordering. Cant they just hire another 2 more staffs to make the preparation faster?

When we were Q-ing up, there was a couple in front of us holding hands side by side. Then a cleaning worker (aunty) came and told them, "please Q-up, one line only". Me and Sharon was amazed by sentence thinking that there was one-line only ma, except that the couple standing next to each other, it doenst consider 'two lines' right? Duh! The worker kept staring at the couple until Sharon said she better stand behind me so that our line looked likes 'one line', just in case teh worker stared at her.

Anyway, we ordered Salmon with potatoes and brocolli (RM11.90 I think). Actually I preferred raw salmon sashimi than this grill one. Actually it tasted a bit fishy to me, but Sharon said grill salmon is like that one wo. Guess I couldnt take grill salmon next time. Jackie taught to put lots of pepper onto the salmon to avoid the fishy taste. In fact, it did help.

BBQ Grilled Chicken (RM8.90 promotion price instead of RM9.90 usually). I quite like the sauce actually but Jackie said not nice. Hehe.

Ta-da! Craving for Ikea meatballs since ages ago and I finally got to try it! The meatball was flavourful with the brown sauce. It just so omph! 10 biji for 3 of us???? Not enough! Next time must order 15 biji. Hahaha.

After the 3 dishes, Jackie saw people eating chicken wings, and she wanted a set as well. We told her that just get the chicken wings for yourselves and dont buy any other thing. So, while she was lining up, she called me and asked, 'siew mun, you want to eat cake or not? the chocolate looks nice wo'. Me and sharon was staring at each other already, (see, told you that jackie tends to over order food), then I told her that, "dont want la, sharon said the cakes not nice one". That was our tactic on how to refrain her from buying too much food, and it worked!

The food was not served hot. When we pushed the trolley back to our table, the food was so cold already. If the meatballs taste a little bit hotter, it would be the best. The french fries was nothing spectacular though.

Another thing I dislike while dinning in Ikea was that certain people, they were so daring until they came up to you and asked, "are you done?". Omg! What attitute was that. We were half way through eating, Jackie has not even touch her chicken wings yet, these people just came up and asked stupid question. If you wanna wait, then just wait beside la, dont be so rude until you chase people to finish the food. So freaking rude! After the second person asked us the same freaking question, Jackie was so pissed already and quickly finished her food.

So we walked Ikea for awhile, then we walked to The Curve. Jackie went into Adidas store and she was interested in a pair of walking shoes. It was white in color and a light pink color of adidas logo beside. The shoe costs around RM120 after 30 % discount. At first, I thought it somehow looked like school shoes, but Jackie said now this type of white shoes very 'in' wo. She wanted to buy a white shoe with adidas signature 3 stripes at the side, but it does not have it for ladies style.

After we walked out from the store, my brain started to tickle whether to buy that shoes or not. RM120 only for a pair of Adidas. Very cheap wo. Then I can wear it while walking shopping complex instead of high heels. Die la die la, should I buy or should I not buy lei??? I want that shoe, but I want to save money too! How ar???

Walked until 4pm, a bit tired so we went to Kim Gary for a drink.

Sharon ordered Nissin Mee. She gave Jackie some.

Then hor, this Jackie itchy itchy said wanna eat French Toast, we told her that make sure she can finish it. The french toast arrived with a big splash of butter on top. Woo.... looks oily and fatty to me.

French toast with a layer of peanut butter in it.

It tasted quite nice, eat this oily fatty toast once in a while is fine la. I cut the toast into 16 pieces. I took 6 - 7 pieces, and this Jackie hor, took around 2-3 pieces only. Dont expect Sharon to finish it as she said pregnant time cannot take butter. So, we left 5 pieces untouched as I was really super full le. This Jackie ar, if I dine with her, I will become the rubbish bin. She kept on saying, "aiyo, siew mun you so thin, eat more, eat more". Beh tahan her.

Mother-to-be on the left and Jackie on the right.

I reached Ikea at 10.30am and left at 5.30pm and my parking was free! coz I bought something in Ikea and they waived off my parking fees. So good.

Super duper full as the whole day spent on eating, eating and eating only . I felt dem fat coming out from The Curve. Super happy day after catching up with friends. And I didnt buy the Adidas shoe. Hm......

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