Friday, March 20, 2009

Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant - Sri Hartamas

Nicole called and said she wanna go Mont Kiara and collect her MBA certificate and 'soon bien' have dinner with me. She asked me to choose Doarae Korean or Edo Jo Japanese. I was thinking there is a Doarae branch in NZX which is quite near my house and I can go there anytime, so I chose Edo Jo.

Nicole said Edo Jo has some homy feelings to it, indeed it has.

Sake Sashimi (Salmon) - RM32 for 6 thick slices. Very fresh sashimi with a steep pricing too! The wasabi was not hot lei.

Pork Korreke (Pork Corquette) - RM24. Erm, one is in Japanese spelling, one is in English spelling, but I still think I got both the spellings wrong. Hahaha. Never mind, when Nicole tried to order that time, she herself also dont know what is it, she took a risk in trying out new stuff. She wanted a Pumpkin Corquette, but the waitress said no pumpkin corquette but they have Cream Corquette and Potato Corquette.

Once you are given a choice, you dont know what to choose. Nicole asked the waitress which one is nicer, and the waitress said both also nice (swt! which means we didnt get an 'answer'). Nicole asked again which one she prefers, she said she prefers the cream corquette. Ok, we will have that then.

That was the cream corquette, 2 big fried pieces with some vege on the side.

Nicole sliced the corquette into half. Wow, the cream in it was overflowed. I actually quite love the taste, tasted like salad prawn but a bit high class ones. I think they put some cheese, but it wasnt cheesey, which was fine with me. The coating was crunchy and it was not so oily and soggy. The chef really has the skill man. It's been quite long time that I didnt taste such creamy thing before. (Well done. Actually I am still drooling while writing about the corquette).

The corquette was served with a sauce. I felt that the corquette itself was already rich in flavour, but the sauce was not bad either.

Wafu Oroshi Steak Set (RM35). This set came with a bowl of miso soup, salad, rice, 2 pieces of watermelon and pickles.

And the steak as well. Although it was served on a hot plate, it doesnt sizzled at all, maybe they just wanted to keep it warm but not to over-cook it gua. It also served with vegetables and a tiny mountain of that yellow color thingy (dont know what is it called, the ones that you use to mix it into the dipping sauce when you are having tempura).

Nicole took the first slice, and when she took a bite, the beef didnt come off, I mean, it didnt separate. She was pulling and pulling. How come like that geh? I ordered medium-to-well done wo, wasnt the texture suppose to be soft instead of tough?

Looking at her, I was thinking die lor like that, every piece of the beef we have to chew like that ar? However, after taking a few pieces, I noticed that it was the beef tendon that make it hard to chew le, the other part of the meat was soft and juicy. Just wish they could use some other part of the cow. Despite that, the sauce was nice, and the marination was good. The beef was quite big slices too.

Last time, this girl dont wanna let me take photos, scare I post to my blog. But now, she wanted to be featured on my blog. Hahaha. I better wear some makeup next time when I am seeing her coz she complained I didnt draw my eye brow. swt.

Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant
9, Jalan 22A/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 62018212


maro^gal said...

i wan try the salmon and corquette only.....!!! hahhaa don wan the beef ... don like cant bite off... hahhaaa

JingFei said...

eh... dun say i "soon bien" have dinner with u can ah... make me look like a very bad gf leh... haha