Monday, March 16, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

After the dinner in Selayang, the 6 of us (except Calvin couple) with a smelly clothings went to Cineleisure to try to get tickets for Dragonball Evolution. At 9.45pm, we managed to purchase 6 tickets with middle seatings for 10pm show.

OMG, the poster doesnt even have Chow Yun Fatt face! Master Roshi, where are you??? Actually wasted his talent in this movie. When he was trying to crack some jokes, the emotion was not there already (compared to 1990's Alls Well Ends Well show), he doesnt looks farnie already. He looks farnie too when he was trying to show 'Kame Hame Ha'. Sigh, I just feel like he just doenst resemble the 'hum sap' Master Roshi at all.

For Emma Possum, who acted as Bulma. I like her voice wo, very sexy. As for Chi Chi, great boobs with 'chinese' eyes. For Yamcha, he looks super weird, he should shave bald so that he resembles more of the Yamcha inside the manga. For Piccolo, where is your tiny little green horns on your head (highlighted by my bro)?

As for Goku, your hair doesnt look that great compared to my boy boy's hair, my boy boy's hair resembled more like dragonball's Goku in manga. Plus, boy boy doesnt take 4 hours to gel up his hair. :P

All and all, just ignore the storyline, everything went too smooth in the movie. There was some lame jokes here and there, and some lame movements. What do you expect when the producer is Stephen Chow?

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