Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dragon One - SS2

Last Sunday, Boy boy came and picked me up from GuZheng class at 1.30pm. So we thought of going to Prince Cafe for lunch (I a bit bored with One Noodles already). While we were along the Murni road, we saw this Dragon One, so thought of trying it out, and so happened that we managed to find a parking too.

At first I was a bit skeptical on this restaurant as it is a new restaurant. However, once we entered the restaurant, it was full house in the air-con environment. The outside smoking area was also half occupied. I was thinking, 'so good ar this restaurant until full house, means it really worth a try'. Before we ordered, we shifted from smoking area (I super cannot tahan smokes from cigarette) to inside as some of the customers left.

While I was flipping through the menu, I noticed that what Dragon One offers almost similar to Shanghai 10 in Avenue K, but Dragon One a bit cheaper lor. They have dim sums, fried stuffs, la mien, fried rice and a wide range of drinks.

Mango Sago (RM5.80). A lot of mangos and some nata de coco jelly. Shaved ice with lots of sago around it and some mango juice. Boy boy said not bad, and I personally think it was much better than KTZ Mango Sago. KTZ boss is so dem ego, I wouldnt want to go back there since I found another place that served better Mango Sago. Must recommend my sis to come here next time since she likes mango sago.

Steamed Shanghainese Meat Dumpling with Superior Soup (RM6). The first thing that boy boy ordered when he opened the menu. He just cant resist not to try Siu Long Bao in any restaurant. The dumpling was quite big, and the soup was a lot. It was tasty. The 'skin' was thick enough not to pecah when we try to take it, so we managed to drink every single bit of soup in it.

Shanghai Dumpling with soy sauce (RM4.60). The ingredients were rich enough though, but the soy sauce was a bit sweet and lack of flavour lor. Quite a standard taste.

Shanghai Style La Mien with Crab Roe (RM8.80). Another dish that boy boy poked when I wanna poke this dish. I must try this since I love the one in Shanghai 10, so that I can do a comparison. The crab roe was not as much as S1o, and the soup was not as thick as S10. It was a bit unfair to Dragon One for the comparison since S10 serves the best crab roe la mien. But, I do find that this dish does not disappoint for whoever who has not tasted S10 before. Not a bad la mien actually.

The service was very slow as I think they dont have enough staffs. There were only 1 lady boss who was busy taking orders and 2 staffs busy serving the dishes. They dont even have time to clean up the tables man. Then hor, I think the kitchen staffs also very little lor, each dish came in 10 minutes interval. So when we finished the first dish, we waited for the second dish to serve, we finished the second dish, we waited for the third dish to serve. Erm, totally slow poke service.

Despite the slow service, I am thinking of going back soon to try out other stuffs that they offer (Anyone wanna join?). I wanna try all the la miens and all the dimsum. And, siu long bao is a must order for me. Hahaha.

Restaurant Dragon One
59, Ground Floor, Jalan SS2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
(same row as Public Bank and Secret Recipe)


maro^gal said...

yeah.. went there twice for lunch alr.... but dint try the dim sum yet... just ate noodles only... cant afford to eat more for weekdays lunchie la... hahaha

maro^gal said...

btw... the food not bad hor... the dai char farn not bad also (fried rice)