Monday, March 30, 2009

Dinner at Jalan Alor

Since Annie and Calvin is out of 'jail' (baby Ning Ning gone back to kampung with grandparents already), she ajak me for dinner in Jalan Alor. Poor Calvin has to spent 45min to pick me up from my company and spent another 45min to pick Annie at her client's company. So he has been driving for almost 2 hours, just stucked in the jam.

Finally at 7.30pm, we reached Jalan Alor, luckily the rain subsided (it has been raining since the whole afternoon). We walked from the end of Jalan Alor, and we had no idea where to sit. So, we walked until half way, we finally sat down at this stall.

The boss gave us a very thick menu with pictures to choose. First, we ordered Oh Jien (RM10), Annie's favourite dish. I am not an Oh Jien person, but I did tried to taste it. Actually I quite love the egg that was fried to crispiness, it was like eating Tosai Paper like that. Annie said normally the egg is like soft and soggy style, first time eating the crispy style. Due to the crispy egg, I took quite a number of mouthful of this dish.

Kangkung Sotong (RM8). Actually I am also not a fan of this dish, but I insisted myself to try it as well. The sotong was not fishy and it was quite springy. The rojak sauce was very thick and sticky. Hope they do add more peanut though.
Fried Chicken Wings (RM8.80). The skin was grilled to crispiness and actually I find it not bad. But Annie said the chicken wings in Puchong taste much more better than this.

Tien Kai Porridge. I didnt order it, dont ask me how it taste.

It was already 8.15pm, and we were still waiting for my bro to come. Finally at 8.30pm, my bro has arrived. So we ordered Grill Bean Curd (RM6). I find the one in Paramount nicer wo.

Grill Pari Pari (RM15). Once I took the fish, I immediately tasted the ocean type of smell. I was thinking maybe they didnt clean it properly. As such, I didnt eat much of this dish. The one in Selayang tasted much better.

Bro ordered his Yee Mee (RM7).
I dont understand why people keep on saying Jalan Alor got lots of nice food. Today, my first time here, I dont think I will visit this place again coz there is nothing nice. Maybe I really dont know how to find the hidden gem along Jalan Alor. Plus, the price here is not cheap lei, is more pricier than PJ price, maybe to tipu Mat Salleh punya lor.

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