Monday, March 9, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

2 Saturdays ago, Calvin called my bro at 8pm said that he is coming to fetch him and me to watch Benjamin Button movie. They had not purchase / reserve the tickets as this was a last minute decision between Calvin and Nikky during dinner time. The movie was at 8.30pm in GSC One Utama. When we reached there, it was already 8.30pm, and the tickets were sold off. We walked to TGV to see whether the 9.15pm show has tickets available. Ended up sold off as well. Guess people was rushing to watch Oscar nominated movies after the Oscar frenzy.

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Last Saturday, we reserved the tickets 3 days ahead in TGV Sunway Pyramid. Actually I am not fond of watching movie in Pyramd as the parking charge is super crazily expensive compared to One Utama. Plus, this movie is like 2 and a half hours movie. Nevertheless, Pyramid was the only place that the ticket reservation was not full at that time.

The show was at 6.15pm. In the middle of nowhere, coz we were thinking to take an early dinner or late dinner. Ended up Scott and I bought popcorn and my bro bought waffer to tahan lapar during the show. The seats were very slanting, so we watched the whole show with our heads looking downwards as we were seated 4th row from the back. Painful neck. TGV is a No-No next time.

The show started off slowly, in fact the whole show was a bit draggy. Boy boy was a bit bored by the whole thing actually, but he still said that BB was better than The Spirit. Hahaha. There were some jokes at some point, and the they guy sitting beside Scott (he came alone) was laughing all the way through, seems that he enjoyed the movie. However, whenever he laughed, Scott quickly covered his own nose as that guy has a very bad breath. I pity Scott as he was sticking near to me thoughout the show.

Oh ya, I love Cate Blanchett's fierry red hair. I thought I wanna have that red hair as well. Hahaha. Last time my hair used to have red background, but the color worn off after several washes, so now it looks like dark brown only. So now, I will consider dying my hair red again.
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I dont know why Brad Pitt was nominated for Oscar Best Actor Award, as he just perfomed normally and didnt shine through the movie. I kept on thinking that the organizer put him into a nomination together Angelina Jolie (for Changeling) just to create some hypes before the Oscar. To me, Cate Blanchett performed much better than Brad Pitt.

I enjoyed the part where Brad Pitt and Cate's age met in the middle and they pak toh and spent some time together. I would like to have that type of life as well! The other sad part was Brad Pitt having a dementia at the age of 10 and Cate has to take care of him. Brad Pitt ended up dying in Cate's arm as a baby. Sad sad sad.

Before I entered the cinema, I told Scott that if I cried, please dont laugh at me. However, my tears only came out during the ending part when BP died. A bit of tears only ok. Maybe I cried too much the days before, so no more tears for this movie liao. Hehe.

As a whole, I do enjoy the whole movie, how it narrates BP from young till old, how he ventured out on his own to see the world, how he sacrifies for Cate and their baby, how much he loves Cate. A truely romantic film.

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maro^gal said...

omg i cant imagine sitting 3hours in TGV... i think my head will drop off.. hahahhaa

have you watch marley & me??... remember to bring some tissue along.. i think u will need them =p