Monday, March 30, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

Annie has been recommending me to watch this movie since 2 months ago, as she has read all the 5 books from the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella when she was Form 4. She said she can’t wait for the movie to show in cinema. If she didn’t praise the books like mad, I wouldn’t have watched this movie.

Before the movie was showed, I ajak Marogal to watch with me, but she said she already ajak a friend, but I can tag along lor. Then I asked Nicole, she said the same thing to me. Sigh. Tak kan I have to watch it with my Boy boy meh? Chick flick wo, I don’t think he will like la. That day he already complained so much after dragging him to watch Benjamin Button (although BB is not a chick flick).

Then the day before 26 March 2009, Annie said she is free until weekend (Baby Ning Ning sudah balik kampung due to some family matters), which means she ‘Fong Kam’ (released from jail) for the time being. Haha. So both of us went and watched in KLCC TGV after work on Friday evening.

The movie was about a girl who cant control her shopaholic nature, until she busted all her credit cards (there was 12 of them if I am not mistaken). She is a writer and would like to enter this top fashion magazine known as Alette after her current company bankrupt. Somehow or rather, her drunken letter meant for Alette went to Successful Savings (economics magazine), and the editor hired her and romance started from there.

The movie was fantastic! It does not have a boring moment. Isla Fisher who plays Rebecca Bloomwood was hilarious! Especially her tacky wacky dance moves in a scene, the whole cinema was burst with laughter, I, as well was laughing like mad. I really didn’t expect her to be this farnie. Maybe her funny-ness was being influenced by Sacha Baron Cohen, a British comedian as well as Isla’ real life fiancĂ©?

Rebecca’s dressings resembled more of Legally Blond character rather than Devil’s Wear Prada character. She has pink coat, pink boots, pink hand bag, pink dress and everything is in pink, even her sharpener!

Alicia, Rebecca’s arch rival, I hate her to bits! Rebecca always calls her spider-long legs, coz she is super tall, even when standing beside the male main character. Plus, her face is so fake la, like kena plastic surgery don’t know how many times, and somehow or rather she looks like aqua to me. The most funniest part for her was after the movie ended (ya, there was something extra after the movie ended, so don’t leave the cinema yet), Rebecca introduced her to the Finnish guy. The introduction in Finnish on Alicia was smacking hot!

Throughout the whole movie, the lady beside Annie laughed until kicking the seat in front, and then the girl turned back and told her off. Then, she laughed again, and she hit Annie’s hand. So dem big reaction wei, but don’t need to hit people who are seating beside you like that one ma. Or you can sit at the end of the row lor, so that you can hit the air at the corridor.

However, the girl seating besides me was sobbing half way through the movie. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her wiping off her tears. I also dem mou lek already. Not so sad until need to cry one ma, she just lost her best friend and her boyfriend only ma, why cry like that. I bet this girl will also be crying like mad when she watches Marley & Me.

This movie is not a total chick flick actually, the guys (or maybe boyfriends) would enjoy it too! Strongly recommended to watch this movie. Now, I wanna buy a green long scarf to become the ‘Girl in the Green Scarf’. Woop!

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