Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogging for Dummies

While searching through my company’s library, I found a book that caught my attention: Blogging for Dummies. Although I am not dumb, but I definitely need that book.

I borrowed the book for 3 weeks (though I didn’t really finish the book), and I only managed to learn one thing that has always been an issue to me since I started blogging. The issue was how to post a photo from a service provider like Photobucket, Flickr etc.

I noticed that I need an extra service provider when the Picasa (offered by Blogspot) storage was running out everytime I load photos. I registered for Flickr using my Yahoo account and loaded some photos into Flickr. However, when I tried to load the photo to my blog, it didn’t appear. Tried few times, failed also. Gave up.

Until I got this book, I straight away flipped to the page that can answer my issue. The lucky thing was the book uses Flickr as an example. So, I follow step by step. At the end, I managed to load photos from Flickr to my blog! Yipee!

That’s why you will notice that the size of my photos in the recent posts were slightly bigger than last time, because I use Flickr!

Mission accomplished.

p/s: my next mission is to find out how to put watermark signature ‘TinyPieceOfMe’ onto my photos.

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maro^gal said...

hmmmm... ya i think this book may help u alot... since no one beside can give you a hand....

and you are too sleepy at night... while i too sleepy in the morning...lolz no chance to find a correct time to meet yet... hahahhaaa