Sunday, March 1, 2009

Restoran Yu Yiee - Damansara

Friday night we supposed to bring along the fresh fish that daddy bought from Sabah to the restaurant near our house for cooking. When my dad fetched my mum back from work, they saw the restaurant not open, so we put back the fish into the fridge (it was taken out for defrosting 30minutes ago).

Now, we have to struggle what to eat for dinner as my mum is a bit the fussy when choosing the dinning place. She has the 'personality' that most of the women have (in fact I have it too!):

Dad: "where to eat?"
Mum: "chin chai la"
Dad: "claypot chicken rice?"
Mum: "dont want"
Dad: "Magic Wok?"
Mum: "Erm....."
Dad: "Hooi Loong?"
Mum: "too expensive"
Dad: "Nyonya food?"
Mum: "Dont feel like it"
Dad: "Then what you want?" (sounded a bit piss already)
Mum: "you like la"


So, we went and round round the area near KDU for 'dai chao'. We saw 2 dai chao at the same row, but we have not try any of them before. So, we chose Restaurant Yu Yiee. Once we were seated down, the guy brough us 2 menus that offer a wide variety of rice and mee (ie. Sweet and sour pork rice, hokkien mee etc). Then we asked whether they have dai chao or not. Then they brought us another menu with just dishes name on it.

They served us a bowl of 'Lai Tong' (Soup) each for free. My mum kept on drinking then my dad said better dont drink too much coz Lai Tong got lots of ajinomoto one, different from 'Dan Tong'.

Kangkung belacan (RM6). Not too spicy, ngam my bro le, and not so oily too. Although the belacan smell was not too strong, I think this dish was fine with me.

Stir Fried Venison (RM9). The taste was ok, but the venison was very tough. My dad said maybe they didnt put tenderizer. Despite the meat, the sauce was not bad, a tint of butter taste too.

Jing Du Pork Ribs (RM15). The taste was fine, a bit like sweet and sour and a bit like 'pai kuat wong' taste. The only dissatisfaction was just the ribs were too big pieces, very difficult to eat le. Wish they could cut it smaller le.

My dad was satisfy with the standard of this restaurant. Although it doesnt taste superbly delicious, but it wasnt bad either. Price was reasonable as they cater for KDU students staying there. My dad mentioned last time he and my bro ate 'Bak Ku Teh' for RM32, which was freaking expensive.

My dad said if next time dont know what to eat, he will bring us here and ask us to order the rice ourselves. Then, no need to headache thinking of what to eat. Hahaha.

(Tiny Directions: if you are using LDP coming from SS2, turn left at KDU, then turn right before Petronas. Yu Yiee is the first restaurant on your left).


maro^gal said...

oh tat restoran ar...

eh... i think the conversation between ur parents... happens on most of the couples or frenz also la... lolz so funny

Renji-kun said...

Lol. Your mum is a 100% pure woman.