Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bar B Q Plaza - One Utama

After watching Marley & me with my dad and my sis, and not forgetting my bro who watched "Watchmen" at the same time as us (he commented that the movie is same like The Spirit, waste ticket money only). We went to Bar B Q Plaza for lunch. My sis loves the place when I first brought her here, and my bro was curious to try out this place since he heard reviews from us.

Each of us were given a plate of chopped garlic, chilli padi and lime. You can mix everything into the Thai special sauce (specially imported from Thailand) according to your taste. For me, I will put all the garlic and half of the chilli padi in, squeeze both pieces of the lime. The sauce tasted superb. Oh ya, you can ask for more sauce and garlic for free if one plate is not enough for you.

Put the 2 pieces of pork lard on to the hot plate.

We ordered Family Mixed Set (RM41.90) for 4 pax. It comes with lots of shredded cabbage, slices of ham (super tasty ham), pork belly, and beef.

As well as slices of chicken, cuttlefish, fish, and prawns.

There was one time I was super-addicted to Bar B Q Plaza until boy boy also scare of this restaurant already. Hahaha. My bro said it wasnt bad, and the pork slices were very nice. He said we should have just order Family Pork Set, without the beef. The beef slices were just so-so only.


maro^gal said...

i love this too.... but have been some time dint go liao..

hahaha i tot u will pick the butter instead of pork lard...

i had tried both... coz you know la gals will will say NO to pork lard...
but both is ok to me... got diff taste...

siewmun said...

Aiks, i didnt know that they offer butter instead of pork lard wo...everytime i went also pork lard only.