Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teamwork during raining days

Last Thursday afternoon (ya, I know is a bit outdated, as I forgotten to ask the photos from AL), heavy downpour during lunch time. Even at 2pm (our lunch time finishes at that time), the rain was still freaking heavy. Quite a number of us was stranded in Citibank food court, as we didnt bring umbrella (it wasnt raining when we walked out for lunch ok). We waited until 2.45pm, another colleague delivered some umbrellas from office, and they have one pair extra.

Thinking that wet also we have to get back to office, the 3 of us (PY, AL and me) shared an umbrella. Mind you, it was not the golf umbrella ok, and it was not the normal size umbrella, it was a foldable umbrella. Since AL is quite small size, she stood in the middle between me and PY. So, the 3 of us kelam kabut walked back to office.

PY's leg arm all wet, my right arm all wet, while AL' back all wet. So, we went into the toilet and blow dry our sleeve under the dryer. And this AL went and took our photos so that I can blog about it.

Caught in Action!

It was an 'achievement' I tell you. Imagine 3 people walking under a foldable umbrella, how terrer is that! Plus, we have to walk in a synchronise way so that the umbrella will cover all of us, maybe not all, cover the maximum of our body. And imagine if there is a pool of water in front of us, we have to cross it at the same time, if not, one will fall behind and kena the rain. Teamwork mate! Good job.

Now, I really phobia the weather already, so I always take an umbrella along during lunch time. If it is not raining, I will still open the umbrella just for the SUN.

Tiny Pisses # 1

A month ago, a pan mee restaurant was opened in Wisma Sentral, KL, called Cheng Kee. We gave it a try on the second week of opening. After that first visit, we have been visiting that restaurant quite often, like twice in a week. I even visited them 3 times a week (terror lei). Is not like their pan mee is fantastic, is just that I feel like drinking the soup for lunch, instead of the normal clear soup (Qing Tong). As for PY, she likes the chilli there.

All along, we have been eating the clear soup Pan Mee. All along, PY doesn’t want to try the Ma Latt as she has high standard for Ma Latt taste. But, today, out of the blues, PY decided to order the ‘Ma Latt’ (Hot and Spicy) Soup Pan Mee.

Then, disaster stuck!

When her bowl of Ma Latt Pan Mee was served, it was a bit dark in color (imagine the color of soy sauce mixed with red spicy chili oil) in the sense of brownish red. Then the lady boss said, “Wah, so nice ar your bowl of Ma Latt, must be very spicy”. We were a bit suspicious and skeptical at first as we were thinking that where got owner praise their OWN bowl of noodles one. Plus, the owner normally dont 'social' with us.

Then PY took the first sip of the soup, her face was downright disappointed in the next second. So I took a sip of the soup too, it tasted more soy sauce than Ma latt. PY digged into the bowl of mee, and the mee turned out to be dark brown color. It was exactly the same color as when I ordered dry (‘Kon Lou’) pan mee. I still tried to persuade her that maybe this is their style of Ma Latt.

So happened that the table beside us also ordered Ma Latt soup pan mee. Out of curiosity, PY and I sat straight and stretched our neck to peep their bowl of pan mee. The girl’s one has a clearer red soup and YELLOW pan mee. PY suspected that the chef mistakenly cook a bowl of dry pan mee, and realized it was the wrongly prepared after pouring in the soy sauce. So, he pour the Ma Latt soup into the bowl of ‘soy sauce’ pan mee and assumed that it is a Ma Latt pan mee. PY was freaking furious, saying that, “the chef thinks that I am stupid not to know what is Ma Latt is it!!”.

Eating half way through, PY really cannot tahan, she said she is like drinking soy sauce only, we called the lady boss and complained to her said that the pan mee tasted like soy sauce. The lady boss explained, “oh really! Maybe we added too much Ma Latt sauce in it la, is like that one!”.

SWT! The lady boss was still trying to find ways to escape. I straight away said, “the Ma Latt at the table beside doesn’t look brownish also”. Then only the lady boss said, “I change another bowl for you”. PY was so mad until she said, “no need, we are in a hurry”. She forcefully finished the whole bowl, as she is the type of person who doesn’t waste food. If this happens to me, I wont even continue eating. I salute her for her ‘courage’.

Then when we called for bill, the lady boss charged PY RM4.50 instead of RM4.70. Hello~!!! It was only 20cents discount, for all the ‘tortured moments’ that you gave to PY???? MG straight away said, “20 cents so little, RM4 la straight away”. The boss said, “cannot la, RM4 cannot, rugi liao lor, cannot be so greedy 1”. OMG! She has the guts to say we are greedy somemore. WTH! This sentence means that she is more money minded than serving her customers good food.

Then somemore hor, the boss still can say, “I scare you all wont come back again, so I give you discount lor”. And PY answered her, “ I really wont come back”. But dunno the lady boss heard it or not. What is the difference? Do you think that by giving PY 20cents discount, she will still come back in the future with the way you handle the whole situation? In your dreams la!

Then the boss asked somemore, “really ‘nan sek’ (not tasty) meh?”. Albeit all our descriptions, she still refused to admit her mistake. Ma Latt soup mixed with huge amount of soy sauce, you tell me la, tasty or not!

PY was pissed because the lady boss refused to admit she served the wrong pan mee. If she admitted, maybe PY wont be so furious. Or maybe she shouldn’t even have served the pan mee when she knows it is the wrong one. Remembered she came to us and ‘praise’ her own pan mee at first? 'San Yao Si' la (direct translation: body got shit).

BOYCOTT Cheng Kee!

There was one time Nikky suggested to create a blog called TinyPissOfMe to complain about other people. I didnt even expect that I will use the title from him one day. Now, PY is the one who launched a new idea in my blog, tagged 'Tiny Pisses' (copied from Nikky's idea a bit). Let's see how well this tag fares in the future.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

Annie has been recommending me to watch this movie since 2 months ago, as she has read all the 5 books from the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella when she was Form 4. She said she can’t wait for the movie to show in cinema. If she didn’t praise the books like mad, I wouldn’t have watched this movie.

Before the movie was showed, I ajak Marogal to watch with me, but she said she already ajak a friend, but I can tag along lor. Then I asked Nicole, she said the same thing to me. Sigh. Tak kan I have to watch it with my Boy boy meh? Chick flick wo, I don’t think he will like la. That day he already complained so much after dragging him to watch Benjamin Button (although BB is not a chick flick).

Then the day before 26 March 2009, Annie said she is free until weekend (Baby Ning Ning sudah balik kampung due to some family matters), which means she ‘Fong Kam’ (released from jail) for the time being. Haha. So both of us went and watched in KLCC TGV after work on Friday evening.

The movie was about a girl who cant control her shopaholic nature, until she busted all her credit cards (there was 12 of them if I am not mistaken). She is a writer and would like to enter this top fashion magazine known as Alette after her current company bankrupt. Somehow or rather, her drunken letter meant for Alette went to Successful Savings (economics magazine), and the editor hired her and romance started from there.

The movie was fantastic! It does not have a boring moment. Isla Fisher who plays Rebecca Bloomwood was hilarious! Especially her tacky wacky dance moves in a scene, the whole cinema was burst with laughter, I, as well was laughing like mad. I really didn’t expect her to be this farnie. Maybe her funny-ness was being influenced by Sacha Baron Cohen, a British comedian as well as Isla’ real life fiancĂ©?

Rebecca’s dressings resembled more of Legally Blond character rather than Devil’s Wear Prada character. She has pink coat, pink boots, pink hand bag, pink dress and everything is in pink, even her sharpener!

Alicia, Rebecca’s arch rival, I hate her to bits! Rebecca always calls her spider-long legs, coz she is super tall, even when standing beside the male main character. Plus, her face is so fake la, like kena plastic surgery don’t know how many times, and somehow or rather she looks like aqua to me. The most funniest part for her was after the movie ended (ya, there was something extra after the movie ended, so don’t leave the cinema yet), Rebecca introduced her to the Finnish guy. The introduction in Finnish on Alicia was smacking hot!

Throughout the whole movie, the lady beside Annie laughed until kicking the seat in front, and then the girl turned back and told her off. Then, she laughed again, and she hit Annie’s hand. So dem big reaction wei, but don’t need to hit people who are seating beside you like that one ma. Or you can sit at the end of the row lor, so that you can hit the air at the corridor.

However, the girl seating besides me was sobbing half way through the movie. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her wiping off her tears. I also dem mou lek already. Not so sad until need to cry one ma, she just lost her best friend and her boyfriend only ma, why cry like that. I bet this girl will also be crying like mad when she watches Marley & Me.

This movie is not a total chick flick actually, the guys (or maybe boyfriends) would enjoy it too! Strongly recommended to watch this movie. Now, I wanna buy a green long scarf to become the ‘Girl in the Green Scarf’. Woop!

Dinner at Jalan Alor

Since Annie and Calvin is out of 'jail' (baby Ning Ning gone back to kampung with grandparents already), she ajak me for dinner in Jalan Alor. Poor Calvin has to spent 45min to pick me up from my company and spent another 45min to pick Annie at her client's company. So he has been driving for almost 2 hours, just stucked in the jam.

Finally at 7.30pm, we reached Jalan Alor, luckily the rain subsided (it has been raining since the whole afternoon). We walked from the end of Jalan Alor, and we had no idea where to sit. So, we walked until half way, we finally sat down at this stall.

The boss gave us a very thick menu with pictures to choose. First, we ordered Oh Jien (RM10), Annie's favourite dish. I am not an Oh Jien person, but I did tried to taste it. Actually I quite love the egg that was fried to crispiness, it was like eating Tosai Paper like that. Annie said normally the egg is like soft and soggy style, first time eating the crispy style. Due to the crispy egg, I took quite a number of mouthful of this dish.

Kangkung Sotong (RM8). Actually I am also not a fan of this dish, but I insisted myself to try it as well. The sotong was not fishy and it was quite springy. The rojak sauce was very thick and sticky. Hope they do add more peanut though.
Fried Chicken Wings (RM8.80). The skin was grilled to crispiness and actually I find it not bad. But Annie said the chicken wings in Puchong taste much more better than this.

Tien Kai Porridge. I didnt order it, dont ask me how it taste.

It was already 8.15pm, and we were still waiting for my bro to come. Finally at 8.30pm, my bro has arrived. So we ordered Grill Bean Curd (RM6). I find the one in Paramount nicer wo.

Grill Pari Pari (RM15). Once I took the fish, I immediately tasted the ocean type of smell. I was thinking maybe they didnt clean it properly. As such, I didnt eat much of this dish. The one in Selayang tasted much better.

Bro ordered his Yee Mee (RM7).
I dont understand why people keep on saying Jalan Alor got lots of nice food. Today, my first time here, I dont think I will visit this place again coz there is nothing nice. Maybe I really dont know how to find the hidden gem along Jalan Alor. Plus, the price here is not cheap lei, is more pricier than PJ price, maybe to tipu Mat Salleh punya lor.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dragon One - SS2

Last Sunday, Boy boy came and picked me up from GuZheng class at 1.30pm. So we thought of going to Prince Cafe for lunch (I a bit bored with One Noodles already). While we were along the Murni road, we saw this Dragon One, so thought of trying it out, and so happened that we managed to find a parking too.

At first I was a bit skeptical on this restaurant as it is a new restaurant. However, once we entered the restaurant, it was full house in the air-con environment. The outside smoking area was also half occupied. I was thinking, 'so good ar this restaurant until full house, means it really worth a try'. Before we ordered, we shifted from smoking area (I super cannot tahan smokes from cigarette) to inside as some of the customers left.

While I was flipping through the menu, I noticed that what Dragon One offers almost similar to Shanghai 10 in Avenue K, but Dragon One a bit cheaper lor. They have dim sums, fried stuffs, la mien, fried rice and a wide range of drinks.

Mango Sago (RM5.80). A lot of mangos and some nata de coco jelly. Shaved ice with lots of sago around it and some mango juice. Boy boy said not bad, and I personally think it was much better than KTZ Mango Sago. KTZ boss is so dem ego, I wouldnt want to go back there since I found another place that served better Mango Sago. Must recommend my sis to come here next time since she likes mango sago.

Steamed Shanghainese Meat Dumpling with Superior Soup (RM6). The first thing that boy boy ordered when he opened the menu. He just cant resist not to try Siu Long Bao in any restaurant. The dumpling was quite big, and the soup was a lot. It was tasty. The 'skin' was thick enough not to pecah when we try to take it, so we managed to drink every single bit of soup in it.

Shanghai Dumpling with soy sauce (RM4.60). The ingredients were rich enough though, but the soy sauce was a bit sweet and lack of flavour lor. Quite a standard taste.

Shanghai Style La Mien with Crab Roe (RM8.80). Another dish that boy boy poked when I wanna poke this dish. I must try this since I love the one in Shanghai 10, so that I can do a comparison. The crab roe was not as much as S1o, and the soup was not as thick as S10. It was a bit unfair to Dragon One for the comparison since S10 serves the best crab roe la mien. But, I do find that this dish does not disappoint for whoever who has not tasted S10 before. Not a bad la mien actually.

The service was very slow as I think they dont have enough staffs. There were only 1 lady boss who was busy taking orders and 2 staffs busy serving the dishes. They dont even have time to clean up the tables man. Then hor, I think the kitchen staffs also very little lor, each dish came in 10 minutes interval. So when we finished the first dish, we waited for the second dish to serve, we finished the second dish, we waited for the third dish to serve. Erm, totally slow poke service.

Despite the slow service, I am thinking of going back soon to try out other stuffs that they offer (Anyone wanna join?). I wanna try all the la miens and all the dimsum. And, siu long bao is a must order for me. Hahaha.

Restaurant Dragon One
59, Ground Floor, Jalan SS2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
(same row as Public Bank and Secret Recipe)

Room Makeover In Progress

Last time when boy boy and I were in Ikea, he bought 2 lamps, one table lamp and one wall mounting lamp. Last Saturday was the starting of the makeover day. Since I have nothing to do except looking at him doing his stuffs, I took out my camera (blogger's nature) and start snapping some photos. At one point, when I flashed my camera (coz it was a bit dark), he thought he kena electrocuted. I was laughing like mad. Then he scolded me stupid. Wahahhaa.....

A step by step guide on how to fix a wall mounted Ikea lamp. First, he took out the fluorescence lamp from the wall, a 'pattern' was left on the wall as well as some wires.

Fixing the power cable.

Connecting the wires. White is neutral, Blue is light, green is .... he didnt say.

Drilling a hole.

Fixing the lamp.


While he was fixing the lamp, his mother came in and said, "Preparing your room for wedding is it?". He said, "no comment". I didnt thought of it also, his mum really terror wo, knows what his son is thinking. Good good, renovate more, then we can have a nice "xin liang fang" (bride's room).

After everything was fixed, boy boy said the wire hanging down from the lamp doesnt look nice. Dont know why Ikea design such wall-mounted lamp with power cord and a wire, it looks dem ugly. Then I said, "never mind, just leave it there, we will put our big wedding photo over it to cover up the wire, no worries!". He gave me this expression: =.="

After taking out all the wires, he lost his 2 white fluorescence lamp, and left with this one and only Ikea yellow lamp. Now his room become really dark as the Ikea lamp was really dim. Totally not suitable for reading, and playing MJ.

Now his next mission is to paint the room and to buy a standing lamp and a sofa. Since this my "xin liang fang", I wan purple color wall and purple color sofa! can ar? I love purple now. My ji muis gonna dressed in purple and your heng dais gonna dressed in purple too! Flower boy baby JL and flower girl baby Ning Ning gonna dressed in purple too! (Opps, thinking too far away again).

Girls Day Out

Meeting Sharon and Jackie in Ikea on Saturday. The day before, Sharon told me about Ikea serves meehoon (sometimes char kuey tiow) and small paos for breakfast. I didnt believe her at first as the last time I went to Ikea with boy boy, they dont have such thing, except sandwiches and muffins.

When I reached Ikea cafe, a plate of meehoon, chicken wings and popia were on the table. Ikea didnt serve pao today. Sharon only ate her plate of meehoon and left the chicken wings and popias untouched as she knew that I wanted to take a picture of those food. So nice of her. She bought the food first as these food are always sold out within 1 hour of opening, which means that by 10.30am, these 'special' food are sold out. No wonder last time I only saw sandwiches and muffins in Ikea.

A plate of fried meehoon with sambal for RM1, dirt cheap for an air-con environment. Not spicy as the sambal was more of the tomato flavour. But for RM1, who wanna complain about it?

Popia (RM1) per piece.

Chicken wings (RM3.80 for 2 pieces). This, you do not need to rush to buy as they serve chicken wings all day long.

While waiting for Jackie to arrive (she said 12pm she will reach, but knowing her, we have to add 1 hour to her time), we chat. The crowd in Ikea started to come, there were lots of people looking for space. Seeing our table which was filled with empty plates and half glass full of soft drinks, they tend to stand beside us. But heck, we are not finished yet as I still need to try Ikea meatballs. When people stared at us, it made us look awkward lor.

Jackie reached 1.05pm.Once she reached, Sharon and I quickly went to Q up for Ikea hot dishes. We dont let Jackie to buy the food for us as we believed that she definately will over order the food. Both of us scared of her already. Although Sharon has to eat for 2 person, but still could not help finish what Jackie will order.

The whole process of Q-ing to taking a trolley to ordering of food to paying at the counter took 20 minutes. Quite crazy I can say, but people still loves Ikea food. I think the reason why it was so long is that there was only 2 counters and 2 guys taking and making the hot dish upon ordering. Cant they just hire another 2 more staffs to make the preparation faster?

When we were Q-ing up, there was a couple in front of us holding hands side by side. Then a cleaning worker (aunty) came and told them, "please Q-up, one line only". Me and Sharon was amazed by sentence thinking that there was one-line only ma, except that the couple standing next to each other, it doenst consider 'two lines' right? Duh! The worker kept staring at the couple until Sharon said she better stand behind me so that our line looked likes 'one line', just in case teh worker stared at her.

Anyway, we ordered Salmon with potatoes and brocolli (RM11.90 I think). Actually I preferred raw salmon sashimi than this grill one. Actually it tasted a bit fishy to me, but Sharon said grill salmon is like that one wo. Guess I couldnt take grill salmon next time. Jackie taught to put lots of pepper onto the salmon to avoid the fishy taste. In fact, it did help.

BBQ Grilled Chicken (RM8.90 promotion price instead of RM9.90 usually). I quite like the sauce actually but Jackie said not nice. Hehe.

Ta-da! Craving for Ikea meatballs since ages ago and I finally got to try it! The meatball was flavourful with the brown sauce. It just so omph! 10 biji for 3 of us???? Not enough! Next time must order 15 biji. Hahaha.

After the 3 dishes, Jackie saw people eating chicken wings, and she wanted a set as well. We told her that just get the chicken wings for yourselves and dont buy any other thing. So, while she was lining up, she called me and asked, 'siew mun, you want to eat cake or not? the chocolate looks nice wo'. Me and sharon was staring at each other already, (see, told you that jackie tends to over order food), then I told her that, "dont want la, sharon said the cakes not nice one". That was our tactic on how to refrain her from buying too much food, and it worked!

The food was not served hot. When we pushed the trolley back to our table, the food was so cold already. If the meatballs taste a little bit hotter, it would be the best. The french fries was nothing spectacular though.

Another thing I dislike while dinning in Ikea was that certain people, they were so daring until they came up to you and asked, "are you done?". Omg! What attitute was that. We were half way through eating, Jackie has not even touch her chicken wings yet, these people just came up and asked stupid question. If you wanna wait, then just wait beside la, dont be so rude until you chase people to finish the food. So freaking rude! After the second person asked us the same freaking question, Jackie was so pissed already and quickly finished her food.

So we walked Ikea for awhile, then we walked to The Curve. Jackie went into Adidas store and she was interested in a pair of walking shoes. It was white in color and a light pink color of adidas logo beside. The shoe costs around RM120 after 30 % discount. At first, I thought it somehow looked like school shoes, but Jackie said now this type of white shoes very 'in' wo. She wanted to buy a white shoe with adidas signature 3 stripes at the side, but it does not have it for ladies style.

After we walked out from the store, my brain started to tickle whether to buy that shoes or not. RM120 only for a pair of Adidas. Very cheap wo. Then I can wear it while walking shopping complex instead of high heels. Die la die la, should I buy or should I not buy lei??? I want that shoe, but I want to save money too! How ar???

Walked until 4pm, a bit tired so we went to Kim Gary for a drink.

Sharon ordered Nissin Mee. She gave Jackie some.

Then hor, this Jackie itchy itchy said wanna eat French Toast, we told her that make sure she can finish it. The french toast arrived with a big splash of butter on top. Woo.... looks oily and fatty to me.

French toast with a layer of peanut butter in it.

It tasted quite nice, eat this oily fatty toast once in a while is fine la. I cut the toast into 16 pieces. I took 6 - 7 pieces, and this Jackie hor, took around 2-3 pieces only. Dont expect Sharon to finish it as she said pregnant time cannot take butter. So, we left 5 pieces untouched as I was really super full le. This Jackie ar, if I dine with her, I will become the rubbish bin. She kept on saying, "aiyo, siew mun you so thin, eat more, eat more". Beh tahan her.

Mother-to-be on the left and Jackie on the right.

I reached Ikea at 10.30am and left at 5.30pm and my parking was free! coz I bought something in Ikea and they waived off my parking fees. So good.

Super duper full as the whole day spent on eating, eating and eating only . I felt dem fat coming out from The Curve. Super happy day after catching up with friends. And I didnt buy the Adidas shoe. Hm......

Friday, March 20, 2009

RM3 saved.

Today I was on a half day PM leave, need to fetch my sis from college at 1pm. So I parked my car at Kelana Jaya LRT station. That time was 7.30am, so I still managed to find a parking in the middle (not near and not too far).

At 1.15pm, when I was walking towards my car, I didnt aspect to see some cars (actually quite a number of them) double parked horizontally behind the cars that parked vertically! Then only I remembered Nikky has told me about this incident before whereby his car was being blocked by someone and he has to wait 2 hours for the someone to come and collect the car. Imagine how some people can just be sooooo incosiderate.

While walking, I saw cars already double parked at the row where my car supposed to be! I was thinking die la this time, if people block my car, what am I suppose to do???? I think I will curse the person, then I would be thinking that my holiday gone case liao. Have to wait for the fella to come back. Since waiting for the fella to come, maybe I can draw some 'graffiti' on the car hor???

Then when I reached my car, luckily no one was blocking. My car was in between 2 double parked cars. Phew! It was good that I left the back of my car outside the yellow line a bit, so that people wont think of double park at my car as they would be blocking more road. See, being a lousy driver like me, sometimes ending up making smart moves. :P

So, happily drove my car, did a U-turn and searching for the payment counter. I assumed it was on the exit side (this was my first time parking in KJ LRT station ok). Then I was driving slowly, looking where was the counter. Until I reached the exit to LDP also I didnt see any counter, so I just sped off!

I felt bad for not paying the parking, but heck, where was the counter for payment, I didnt see you! Plus, they do not deserve my RM3 for making me freaked out on the double parking incident. Padan Muka U!

Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant - Sri Hartamas

Nicole called and said she wanna go Mont Kiara and collect her MBA certificate and 'soon bien' have dinner with me. She asked me to choose Doarae Korean or Edo Jo Japanese. I was thinking there is a Doarae branch in NZX which is quite near my house and I can go there anytime, so I chose Edo Jo.

Nicole said Edo Jo has some homy feelings to it, indeed it has.

Sake Sashimi (Salmon) - RM32 for 6 thick slices. Very fresh sashimi with a steep pricing too! The wasabi was not hot lei.

Pork Korreke (Pork Corquette) - RM24. Erm, one is in Japanese spelling, one is in English spelling, but I still think I got both the spellings wrong. Hahaha. Never mind, when Nicole tried to order that time, she herself also dont know what is it, she took a risk in trying out new stuff. She wanted a Pumpkin Corquette, but the waitress said no pumpkin corquette but they have Cream Corquette and Potato Corquette.

Once you are given a choice, you dont know what to choose. Nicole asked the waitress which one is nicer, and the waitress said both also nice (swt! which means we didnt get an 'answer'). Nicole asked again which one she prefers, she said she prefers the cream corquette. Ok, we will have that then.

That was the cream corquette, 2 big fried pieces with some vege on the side.

Nicole sliced the corquette into half. Wow, the cream in it was overflowed. I actually quite love the taste, tasted like salad prawn but a bit high class ones. I think they put some cheese, but it wasnt cheesey, which was fine with me. The coating was crunchy and it was not so oily and soggy. The chef really has the skill man. It's been quite long time that I didnt taste such creamy thing before. (Well done. Actually I am still drooling while writing about the corquette).

The corquette was served with a sauce. I felt that the corquette itself was already rich in flavour, but the sauce was not bad either.

Wafu Oroshi Steak Set (RM35). This set came with a bowl of miso soup, salad, rice, 2 pieces of watermelon and pickles.

And the steak as well. Although it was served on a hot plate, it doesnt sizzled at all, maybe they just wanted to keep it warm but not to over-cook it gua. It also served with vegetables and a tiny mountain of that yellow color thingy (dont know what is it called, the ones that you use to mix it into the dipping sauce when you are having tempura).

Nicole took the first slice, and when she took a bite, the beef didnt come off, I mean, it didnt separate. She was pulling and pulling. How come like that geh? I ordered medium-to-well done wo, wasnt the texture suppose to be soft instead of tough?

Looking at her, I was thinking die lor like that, every piece of the beef we have to chew like that ar? However, after taking a few pieces, I noticed that it was the beef tendon that make it hard to chew le, the other part of the meat was soft and juicy. Just wish they could use some other part of the cow. Despite that, the sauce was nice, and the marination was good. The beef was quite big slices too.

Last time, this girl dont wanna let me take photos, scare I post to my blog. But now, she wanted to be featured on my blog. Hahaha. I better wear some makeup next time when I am seeing her coz she complained I didnt draw my eye brow. swt.

Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant
9, Jalan 22A/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 62018212

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Embarrassing seconds

Today, at Ampang LRT Station, on our way down from the escalator, we saw a train that was packed with people (normally it will not be packed unless the trains are facing ‘technical difficulties’). I was half expecting the train would be very slow.

Indeed, the next train arrived like 8 minutes later, and it was quite full. PY and AL managed to squeeze in, and I was still at the door there. Mana tahu, this fat aunty on my right, pushed towards me and wanna go towards the same direction as me. I was like, ‘cant you just wait for me to move in first since you are the one jumping my Q?’.

Damn it.

I don’t care.

I squeezed with her, not letting her into my way, and she trying to squeeze in as well, until she crushed PY’s Korean instant noodle (which was inside her backpack, and PY was in front me). PY was so mad.

While both of us (referring to me and my ‘enemy’) still trying to squeeze through, I lost my balance a bit and I moved a few steps (tiny steps) towards my left (see la, don’t eat a lot, so thin until cant even fight a place with fat people, DAMN!).

Pushed until myself was sticking to quite a tall guy with my thigh touching his ‘bottom’ part (he cant step back as he was sticking to the wall already). Oppsie! A bit da embarrassed I was.

I know that I am not gonna make it in with my body facing in front, so I turned my body to the right, thinking that I can move in easily. Mana tahu this stupid ‘enemy’ was still pushing towards me. And I felt that my butt was touching that guy’s bottom part again! I felt so malu!

So, I thought ‘die ma die la’, one gush of strength and I pushed myself through (although I still lose to the ‘enemy’ sei fei poh), and my butt just swiped over his ‘bottom’ part. My butt felt the ‘bottom’ part ok. OMG OMG OMG.

After that, I don’t even dare to look at that guy, I felt so malu le, touching (I mean my butt, not my hands ok!) other people’s bottom part. YER~!!! Yucks! Bluek!
My poor butt, being harrassed by people! or maybe that poor guy's bottom, being harrassed by my butt? If Leng Chai like Daniel Wu then I dont mind lor, but he was not attractive la, normal look only from a slight peek at the corner of my eyes.

Don’t ask me whether the fella’s thing got ‘raise’ up or not. I don’t know and I don’t care and I don’t intend to find out!

Super duper E.M.B.A.R.R.A.S.S.I.N.G.

How to ....

find a chauffeur without him grumbling.

On Tuesday morning, I suppose to drive my car and park at Kelana Jaya LRT station, as my dad is not around to chauffeur me to GuZheng class and my mum also has her belly dancing class to attend, so there is no one to fetch me home.

Then, Monday night, this conversation came:

Boy boy: Do you need me to fetch you to class tomorrow?

Me: No need to ‘ma fan’ (disturb) you le.

Boy boy: Is ok.

Me: Don’t want le, later while you waiting for me, then you grumble a lot, then I no mood liao.

Boy boy: Sure don’t want me to fetch? (still luring me)

Me: (Since he so in the mood to fetch me) Want! But you cannot grumble one ya.

So, I managed to get a secondary chauffer for last night and he didn't grumble at all. *wink*

Reached Taman Paramount LRT station at 7.45pm after my salsa class. My guzheng class started at 8.30pm and finished at 9.30pm. During that time, boy boy was just sitting at the table next to me. He was doing his work, but when he turned his head and looked at me, then I can’t get my notes correct. Swt. I asked him don’t look at me.

Then when my teacher demonstrated the song for me, again boy boy turned and looked at my teacher. Then my teacher also can’t play nicely, and she stopped and said, ‘he is looking at me, I can’t play’ (in a very gentle way la, my teacher is very gentle lady). Then boy boy immediately looked away. Pai Seh. Hahahaha….

After my class, it was already 9.45pm, and we still haven’t taken our dinner. At the same row, there are McD (dinner set meal doesn’t worth the money, since their set lunch is priced at RM6 only), Thai restaurant (boy boy don’t like Thai food [but he likes Thai massage]), Big Bowl Vegetarian restaurant (boy boy also don’t like vegetarian food), The Cave (I think it closed down already or maybe they close on Tuesday?), and Island CafĂ©.

So we went to Island Cafe. At first, I regretted for not bringing my camera, but after the dinner, I didn’t feel any tiny winy bits of regrets. The food was totally out of standard! Boy boy’s tomyam noodles tasted sour and oily only, my Sze Chuan Hot & Spicy noodle tasted bland like Maggi Mee curry. Sux.

Plus the environment was dem noisy, music was loud, people’s talking was loud, we can’t even have a conversation with each other. Super waste of money for the food and the environment. Definitely not going back there anymore.

When I reached home, I was exhausted. Can’t bath immediately after food, so sat the sofa and watched my recorded CSI series. Until half way through, I was sleepy, eyes gonna close, waist also a bit pain (I think I over-stretched during the salsa class), so wanna go to bed, but so smelly after Salsa dance class. Sigh, forced myself to take bath.

What a day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant - Dataran Sunway

PY has been telling me that she loves Ho Ho Steamboat restaurant in Sri Petaling and will visit them at least once a week. Then I asked what is so special about this steamboat until she visits so many times. She said the soup base is 'chun' until she finishes the last drop of it. Whoa! Since she described until like that, being a steamboat kaki, how can I not pay this restaurant a visit.

She managed to give me the website of this restaurant and I saw the nearest branch to me is the Kota Damansara branch. Last Sunday evening was raining heavily, perfect day for steamboat! Sms-ed Nikky at 6.30pm, so happen that he and suyin were looking for a place to eat. So there we went --> HO HO HO Steamboat (Santa Claus meh???).

Before I went, I called the boss' hp to make a reservation. The conversation sounded like this:

Me: Can I make a reservation?
Boss: Can. But if u come too late, I cant reserve a place for you.
Me: I am coming now lor, will reach 7.10pm like that, can or not?
Boss: Like that still can. [he wanted to put down the phone already]
Me: You dont need to ask me how many ppl coming ar?
Boss: Then how many people?
Me: 4
Boss: Ok. [he wanted to put down the phone again]
Me: You dont need to ask my name?
Boss: Erm...ok, what's your name then?

After talking to him, I was thinking why the boss so blur one? But hor, when we reached there, we were seated in front of the counter. Throughout our dining there, the boss shouted quite loud to his staffs le, then mumbled a lot in Hokkien. All 4 of us just stared at each other, wanna laugh at his reaction also cannot, coz it would be too obvious already. So, we just focused on our food.

Ho Ho steamboat is not buffet style. They offer RM13.50 per set (minimum 2 sets). One set is for one pax only. Plus, they offer quite a number of side dishes. The standard set consists of yam (nice), dumpling (not bad), fish balls (fresh), clams, fish slices, fu chuk, beancurd, taofupok, and loads of vege.

As well as yee mee, meehoon and eggs.
Ho Ho Steamboat offers only one soup base (no tomyam, porridge, soya or what so ever), and this soup base could kill you man! You will get addicted to it. Even Nikky and Scott said the soup was nice to drink. The soup was different as they dont have ajinomoto. I could really feel that the owner really spent time in boiling the soup, not like other steamboat restaurant who gives clear soup. We also almost cleared off all the soup at the end.

Another thing worth mentioning is the chilli. Ho Ho chilli doesnt taste like the typical chicken rice chilli sauce, it has their own unique flavour. It wasnt super spicy and it was just nice for a person who cant eat super spicy food (I wonder whether PY love this chilli or not, it might not be spicy enough for her taste).

As a whole, a good recommendation from PY. I was searching high and low for steamboat restaurant who offers set menu instead of buffet (buffet steamboat is too common nowadays) and I finally found a genuine one. I prefer steamboat set as sometimes I am not super hungry and I just wanna have steamboat for dinner, and I wouldnt wanna pay RM20 for steamboat buffet, which will stuff me like mad.

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant

22A, Jalan PJU 5/8,

Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,

47810 Petaling Jaya.

(Tiny Direction: Coming from LDP, pass by Ikea, go straight down the tunnel, pass by Shell petrol station and Palm Spring Condo. Ho Ho steamboat is on your right).