Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I did ......

On Federal Territory Day.

February 1st --> I holiday. Dad in Sarawak, Mum working, sis in Maran, left bro. Although bro was on holiday as well, but he has planned his program with his uni mates, all so happen to work in KL.

Left me.

Dont wanna stay at home alone, so I drove myself to Ikea. Reach Ikea at 10.45am. Hungry, went to Kluang Station to eat Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM11.90). Now, this is what I call authentic Hainanese Chicken Chop wei. The sauce was rich with mushrooms, peas, onions and red bean (not sweet and sour sauce ok). The chicken was fried to crispiness, dont have the frozen chicken type of taste. Nicely done.

While I was eating the food myself, not far away from me sat a guy, around late 30s, kept on staring at me. Swt. Do I look weird? Cannot eat alone one meh? or he is interested in me? Shouldnt be ma, coz I didnt put any makeup also. Stare what stare! Treat me the chicken chop la, stupid! Why I always attract middle age man one ar? I dont understand.

After that, walked in Ikea, suppose to help boy boy buy hanger and laundry basket. Then he said, 'Next time I walk with you then we buy la'. I swt again, then why I walk Ikea lei? I should go shop for clothes!

Anyway, I walked almost 1 hour in Ikea. Amazed by the design and decoration. Since boy boy wanna buy lamp, I was attracted to all sorts of lamps there. Stood there, see see look look. Actually Ikea has lots of attractive stuffs, but too bad the quality isnt so good for the price that we are paying.

After Ikea, went to Calvin's house to see baby Ning Ning. Waited for her to wake up. Wah, her crying voice was dem loud le. Look at her mohawk hair style!

Ooooo....so small already know how to pose for camera with pouty lips tiem!

Daddy Calvin feeding milk.

Finished drinking milk still dont wanna sleep tiem.

Ning Ning fast fast grow up so that I can buy lots of dresses for u! You want bare back like the one Suyin gave you or you want low V neck or super mini skirt. Oooo...mini skirt good, can pair with leggings wo. Or you want a bikini? I used to wear bikini when I was 2 - 5 yrs old wo. Hehe.

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