Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Visit to MG's House

Yesterday after work, 3 of us (PY, AL and me) followed MG go back her house for CNY visit (although is over). First time taking Star LRT to another side (last time I only took to PWTC only). Then there are 2 LRT lines at the same platform same side same direction which are Ampang line and Sri Petaling line. I was surprised by it but PY laughed at me. Aiyo, the LRT that I always take only one line, where got 2 different trains going different place using the same direction ge chek. If you dont understand what I am talking about means that you are a kampung girl like me a day ago. Hahahaha.

The station were flooded with people, going in and out. However, when I got onto the Star, there was a lot of space to stand. Not as squeezy as LRT that I always take. So we stopped at Cheras station. Then we took a cab to MG's house.

MG served us cupcakes! Very nice.

Pineapple tart was very nice, very buttery.

Then I walked around to admire her house decorations......

and her son's decorations as well....

Her son (forgotten to ask his name tiem) was super active plus super talkative that night. He was not scared of strangers at all! AL got herself a nickname --> Ben10 JieJie; PY got one too --> Cheezels JieJie; And Lego JieJie --> That's me.

I think I need to watch more cartoons in order to communicate with children, more specifically with baby JL, when he grows up. Then we have more topics to talk, then he will like to play with me. Hahaha....

After chatting for 2 hours, we walked to the nearby Pappa Rich cafe for dinner. Actually, the 3 of us were super-full. I think PY was more 'fuller' than me coz she ate non-stop. Hahahah...(she gonna kill me when she see this). So, we ordered fish cake and char kue teow for sharing.

MG ordered chicken hor fun.

Actually she dig into the bowl already, then she said (ya, she said) that I havent take photo of it, then she put it back nicely and it became like the photo below. Made me feel so bad tiem...coz made her cannot eat. The bowl of hor fun still looked untouched hor. Hahaha.
After that, went back to Cheras station, PY went opposite way and AL and I went towards KL. AL's bf picked us up at Masjid Jamek station and tumpang me home. So nice of them as it wasnt on the way at all! They are staying in Kepong wei.

Fun night! Thanks MG for the dinner and the cookies!

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