Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

In the morning, went to Tesco Mutiara Damansara to buy diapers coz I saw a discount on Mamy Poko diapers in the newspaper on Friday. Oh, you must be wondering why I need to buy diapers right? Coz Valentine's day is baby Ning Ning's full moon birthday as well. The parents dont want new clothes, dont want hampers, dont want lotion. So me and my bro decided to get them something usable or neccessary for them. [Now only I notice that I didnt take a photo of the diapers. =.=] and diapers are not cheap. Is equivalent to 1 1/2 of my RM25 baju from Sg Wang.

After walking in Tesco, bro decided to buy cupcakes as he said that the cupcakes I brought back that day were not the 'real' cupcakes. He said, 'let me show you what is nice cupcake'. [really wanna kena tumbuk by me ar him].

So we when to Cupcake Chic located in The Curve. It is just a small shop with a counter, a display cupboard, two high tables, and four high chairs. The first thing that shocked me was the price --> RM4.50/pc. SWT! Big Swt! For RM4.50 I can eat a decent laksa, char kuey teow, wanton mee, chicken rice etc. One meal punya cost man. My bro really seh tak eat wei. Beh tahan him.

Since my bro is recommending it and he wanted to prove to me what is 'nice' cupcakes plus he wanted to bring to Calvin's house to belanja his friends, he bought 1 dozen. 1 dozen cost RM48 I think. So we took each of the following flavours (with some funky names too): Back to Basics, Wake Me Up, Forget Me Not, Butter Pecan, Fatal Attraction, Chocofee, Naughty n Nice, Othello, Banoppy. These are the few names I managed to key in into my hp. Dont ask me which name is for which cupcake, I have totally no idea.

For the above picture, I took the one on the top left corner. Tasted like coffee le. The middle spot of chocolate is high quality chocolate according to boy boy, not the cheap skate one. Whoa! Super duper sweet! The cream on top was made with soft sugar, some sort like icing but is the soft type.

I took another one from the bottom right corner of the above picture. Tasted like caramel and inside was embedded with some nut. Not bad.

Is not that the taste was bad, the cake texture was soft, the taste was nice. It was just the super sugary that I cannot tahan. Both side of my cheek kinda numb (Sweet until numb). Hehe.If you have a very sweet tooth, Cupcake chic definately you need to try man.

Oh ya, Happy Birthday to Baby Ning Ning. Shaved her head, no more mohawk hair liao. But still look as pretty as Sharifah Armani when she shaved off her head. The angpow was from my mum. My mum said to you hor, clever and intelligent, respect your parents and study hard.

There is another baby in da house! Baby Wei Jie. When he screamed, he can blow the house down. I tried to jaga for 10 minutes and I was super exhausted.

Lunch was served: Meehoon and mee, nasi kunyit, curry chicken (not spicy so ngam my bro), chicken wine, pork knuckle vinegar and red eggs. Still couldnt take chicken wine, coz I am a totally none-wine person, tried pork knuckle vinegar, super sourish. Sigh, how am I suppose to take these stuffs during my confinement lei?

After lunch, 'Hoi Toi!' We played cards 'In Between'. First time playing this game and I thought it was exciting. Your heart will really jump out one. 'Jong Tiang' is the one that you do not hope for. But, when a person who was as unlucky as Mich, will kena Tiang for 3 consecutive time. Super crazy!

7pm, we adjorned for dinner. Will continue in the next post on what I had for Valentine's dinner.


Bought valentine's pressie for my boy boy at the very last minute. Boxer brief and a belt. Nowadays he is so into boxer brief, so I bought for him his favourite brand Renoma boxer brief. Plus, I accidentally ter-stractched his belt and he scolded me 'Stupid!', so I bought him a brand new belt as well. Hope he likes it!

On Monday, everyone was asking how I celebrate my valentine's day, and what did my boy boy gave me. valentine's day was nothing spectacular, and my valentine didnt give me any valentine pressie. Every year also he didnt give one this year he gave the reason, 'this year is no exception lor since every year also didnt give one ma'. Hehe. Poor me, although I know he didnt buy anything, but small part of me was still hoping he give me a small gift. Better not hope next time.


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maro^gal said...

hahhaa i blog this b4

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''so this year he gave the reason, 'this year is no exception lor since every year also didnt give one ma'.'' he really got gutts...hahahha