Sunday, February 1, 2009

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

My mum wanna watch Red Cliff but I have watched it with boy boy. I asked boy boy to pick us up to 1 Utama. Boy boy and I watched Underworld while my mum watched Red Cliff, alone. The farnie part was, she asked what time is my move, then I said same time as hers. Then she smiled. I asked why. She answered, "coz I scare I go into the wrong cinema ma'. That's the problem when you are too dependent on people, mum. No one will blame you mum, coz we depends on you as well!"

When the movie just started, the couple beside me asked,

"sorry, may I ask what movie is this?"

"Underworld". Then she whispered quietly to her boyfriend, and asked me again,

"this is not Alls Well Ends Well ar?"

"nope". She took out the movie stub and used her handphone and shined it on the stub and asked,

"this is not Cinema number 4 meh?"

"Nope, this is number 5, number 4 is that side"

"Oooo, this is not cinema number 4". They took their things and went out.

And I missed the starting part of the movie. Dem.

I didnt watch Underworld 1 and 2. Luckily enough, the movie is a prequel to the first episode (I only knew it at the end of the movie), so I managed to understand the whole movie. All along I thought it was Kate Beckinsale who acted in this movie, and throughout the movie I thought why her face looks a bit cacat, or somehow different. I noticed it coz I super love her in Pearl Harbour.

It was not until I google searched for the poster above and I saw Rhona Mitra is Sonja. Opsie, it was not Kate all along. Hehe. I still prefer Kate's version of the character. The Rhona's Sonja character didnt really shine in this movie, as the focus was on Lucian the Lycan.

The movie was not bad actually, at least boy boy and I didnt fall asleep le. A bit da gory lor, blood spattered here and there. Cannot watch this movie on pirated dvd as vampires and warewolves only fight at night, a lot of dark scenes.

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