Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thai Express - The Curve

After walking in Ikea, it was time for lunch and it was so hard to decide where to makan. Then we passed by this Thai Express, so we went in. When I was looking at the menu, I thought I saw something moving below the table, I mean some shadow reflecting beneath my table (not on the floor). Then I look down, nothing. So I thought it was some reflection, then I continued looking at the menu. Then I saw something moving again, then when I looked (I really bent down and look beneath the table ok), nothing. I think my mind something wrong liao.

Then out of nowhere, a tiny cockroach crawling on our table! I was like WTH! I super scared of roaches ok. I straight away pushed my chair behind, lightly la, coz I dont wanna grab attention from other customers. But I think the waiters saw my reaction, but they didnt do anything. I think they even see the cockroach running le.

Boy boy was too slow to shove away the tiny thing. Erm... how am I suppose to eat lei like that? what if the thing crawl up to my food? what if it crawl up to my body? what if it flies? OMG OMG, my imagination has gone wild again!

A minute later, it crawled up again! Now, boy boy was fast enough to shove it on to the floor. I was thinking luckily not shove it to the table beside where 2 ladies were sitting. Hehe. Now I thought of it, actually I should tell the manager hor, so that I can have free food. How hygienic is this restaurant.

Ice Lemon Tea (RM5.90) and Soursop Juice (RM7.90). The drinks took quite awhile to arrive, it arrived minutes later after our food arrived. The drinks were ok.

Boy boy ordered Green Chicken Laksa (RM14.90). The green curry tasted sweet and not spicy at all. I like the taste of it. I kept on drinking the soup. Hehe.

Claypot Prawns Glass Noodles (RM16.90). The smell of it was nice. However, when I tasted it, it was quite normal and not my preference taste lor. There were 5 pieces of prawns but all also not fresh one, the flesh sticked to the shell, very hard to remove it. They put too much red chilli until I have to pick every single of it out. Glass noodle amount was huge until I cant finish. Actually I really dont like it. I have to mix the glass noodle with green curry only I managed to finish half a bowl.

I totally will not come back to this restaurant. First, because of the hygiene (if really got cockroach also dont let me see it la). Second, the food quality not nice. Third, the price also not nice. It charges 5% government tax and 10% service charge until our total bill of RM52.45. I can have much more better food in Zanmai for that amount. So, this restaurant is a big No-No for me liao.

Thai Express Restaurant
G50, Jalan PJU 7/3,
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
(Besides Baskin Robbins)

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maro^gal said...

i dont like this thai express too.... went in before 2 years ago i think.... HAhahaa ... then forever banned it.... blek...