Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sushi Zanmai - Sunway Pyramid (Revisit)

Whenever I asked boy boy where he wanna go for lunch / dinner, 99% he will say 'up to u', 'u like la', 'anything', or 'chinchai la'. So now, I learn to give him some options to choose. When we met up in Pyramid, I asked him to choose: Bar B Q Plaza, Manhattan Fish Market or Sushi Zanmai. Straight away he eliminated BBQ Plaza, then he asked me to choose between the last two. Knowing him who loves to eat Zanmai, I picked it. There we were again, Zanmai.

He took smoke salmon sushi (RM4.80).

Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM6). When I took the first piece, it tasted superb! The crab was super crunchy and not oily. The rice roll was not too thick, just nice, with some mayonaise, this maki taste the best. I think better than ordering soft shell crab itself.

Sashimi Salad (RM12.80) with Zanmai sauce. The sauce was very unique in a sense that I never tasted similar taste before. It was with some sort of mayonaise and tint of garlic flavour in it. The salad was fresh, salmon was fresh except the tuna (the darker piece of sashimi) was fishy. So I asked boy boy to take all the tuna sashimi. Hehe.

When the manager was taking order at the table in front of me, I overheard the manager recommending them their sashimi as it was fresh today. Me and boy boy exchanged look, thinking whether the manager was lying just to finish their stock or our taste bud tasted it wrongly.

Kakiage Ramen (RM8.80). I ordered small so it came in a super small bowl with half kakiage. I would think that they can separate the kakiage from the soup as it become soggy once it was served. So, not crunchy anymore lor. A bit disappointing dish.

Unadon (RM15.80). Huge amount of unagi, marinated well with their special sauce. Sinfully delicious.

Ocha was priced at RM1 per cup + 10% service charge + 5% government tax. The total bill came up to RM57.75. Guess Zanmai is the best place to hang out with Boy boy as both of us are addicted to it already. Delicious food + Good quality + reasonable price.

Sushi Zanmai
Lt OB2-F1, Sunway Pyramid,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway.
Tel: 74923080
(Above Red Box)

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