Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sushi Tomo - SS2

Sushi Tomo has always been my (and my sis and my dad) favourite Japanese restaurant as they are one of the few genuine ones. Plus, they are located in SS2, which is quite convenient for me. My dad was the one who introduced this restaurant to me. The first time I visited, it was an instant hit!

Boy boy ordered Sushi (RM5.90), forgotten the name of it already. It has one slice of salmon and one slice of tuna on top of it. There are some mayonaise sauce on top. The salmon and tuna was fresh. This sushi was quite a special roll indeed.

California Temaki (RM3.90). This was normal but the price was quite cheap for a temaki.

Okonomiyaki (RM12.90). My all time favourite dish! It was served on a stone grill. I called this as Japanese pancake, and there were lots of ingredient embedded inside the pancake - squid, onions, vege etc. It almost tasted the same as Takoyaki. It was delicious!

Boy boy ordered Seafood Bulgogi Set (RM30.50), which includes fruits, miso soup, and a bowl of rice. It was served on a hot plate as well. It has big prawns, squids, onions, vege, fish fillet and glass noodles at the bottom. Has to eat this together with rice so that it wont be too sweet. I love the sauce and all the ingredients were fresh.

Cozy place for family and friends as well as for couples. Although the price for sushi are slight more expensive compared to Sushi Zanmai (that's why boy boy dont wanna come often!), but the main dish that they offer are priced reasonably. The most important thing is the quality is good, service is good, and the food are delicious.

Valentine's Day dinner here, can?

Sushi Tomo
8, Jalan SS2/67,
47300 PJ.
(Located same row as Swenson Ice Cream)

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