Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stupid CB!

Ya, stupid CB!

I mean Chris Brown (I am not scolding bad words ok).

Why the hell he went and bit and punched Rihanna for????? WTH! Curse you CB (I am not scolding bad words ya)!

I wont be cursing him if I didnt buy the Rihanna concert ticket ok. I am looking forward to the concert and desperate to go for her concert since I bought the ticket.

Twice in my lifetime I bought concert tickets, Pussycat Dolls in Sunway Lagoon and this! Actually, Nicole ajak-ed me at the first place, she said no one teman her and asked me to teman. Since I like Rihanna (my ringtone is Disturbia you know), I said no problem and I pulled along my bro as well. My bro also was so excited already, eyeing on Calvin's binocular somemore, Nicole borrowed a binocular as well.

Nicole and I were trying to arrange the transport to go there last weekend. And finally we managed to find a solution on Tuesday morning. Then, Tuesday evening, PY shocked me with, "Rihanna concert postponed, you know ar?".

'Qing Tian Pi Li'! (omg, mandarin peribahasa also come out liao).

Ok, calm down..... good news is that it was being 'postponed' only, not cancelled also. But my mum said, "most likely it would be cancelled la, people with cracked lips and bengkak face still wanna perform in front of you meh". swt...

DISTURBIA~!!!!! Bum bum bi dum bi dum dum ... I'M GOING CRAZY NOW~!!!

If my boy boy ever hit me, I will kick his butt! Oh maybe not, I think I will burn his car! :P

Never ever hit a girl no matter she is your gf or not. There is no reason for a guy to hit a girl. It is not forgivable. CB fans are disappointed at him, Rihanna fans are mad at him now. What's the point? Stupid CB.

I want my Rihanna~!!!! Give me back my Rihanna~!!!!

p/s: This is a super duper crazy post, just to vent out my frustration, disregard my grammar and the flow of the story.


maro^gal said...

hahaa... i know what u are frus of.. and i understand... but i cant stop laughing when i was reading.. hehhee

and i'm blur also as i wanna ask who is rihanna??? ooopss i'm too katak under the tempurung..lolz

hit by bf ke??...until need to postpone concert... fly him liao la.. so serious mannn... omg..

Renji-kun said...

yeah stupid CB. whack gal. Dunno how to use bankai whack meh? if wanna learn bankai from me pls call 016-322-renji. Thank you.

Calvin said...

hoho, ka weng and SM cant go to concert tonite jor lor. Come my house MJ instead. wahaha.

siewmun said...

marogal: Omg! Rihanna is a famous R&B artist. Dem talented! The one who sang "umbrella, ella, ella" girl lor...
Sure will fly the bf abusive wo...