Sunday, February 8, 2009

Star Village - Kota Damansara

When I ajak Sharon, Jackie and AiHun for dinner, the most headache thing is to think of a place for dinner. Location = Kota Damansara (near Sharon's house), Restaurant = Yet to decide. Until that day itself, Jackie said she passed by a restaurant that offers cheap western food in Dataran Sunway, but she dont know the restaurant name. =.="

Until the very last minute, I was fetching her round and round in Dataran Sunway. Maybe not round and round la, we just round for one row, then the shop was located at the next row already. But Sharon was more terrer, she and AiHun found the shop based on Jackie's description and waited inside the car, dont dare to go in, just in case it was the wrong shop. Hahahaha.

At one look from the outside, the decoration at Star Village was unique and the lights were dim, it somehow looked like pub decoration to me. We were seated at this small 'cubicle' thingy.

As the lights inside were very dim, so the waiter gave us 4 torch lights to shine on the menu.

Sharon brought some good news to us too! Actually is good news to her and we share her happiness only. Congrats! Everytime I have gathering with friends who are married, sure will pop up with THE good news. Is it the trend now? Or maybe next time when I have gathering with friends who are single (but not available), they will pop up with 'THE' red bomb as well?

See how dark was the environment. But Jackie loves it, she said take pictures in dark environment couldnt see her fat face so clearly. Hahaha.

The restaurant owner gave us a few puzzles / gadgets for us to solve. He said that if manage to solve every single ones (i think there were around 3 or 4 different gadgets), we will get a free ice cream. However, we couldnt solve the whole thing at the end of the dinner. free ice cream tiem.

Jackie ordered Sun Tea that came in a special bottle. Actually it came in a bottle plus a glass covering the bottle upside down.

From left to right: Coconut Ice Blended RM5.50 (never heard of coconut ice blended lei, quite a unique drink), Carrot Orange Juice RM4.80, Sun Tea RM9.90 and Honey Dew Apple Juice RM4.80.

Mango Salad (RM6.90). Normal salad with quite a few mango pieces. It was served with a small plate of thousand Island sauce, but this sauce lack of the thousand island taste.

Cream of Mushroom Soup (RM2). I forgotten why it was charged RM2, so cheap. I think it was because we ordered together with one of the main dish. Anyway, the soup was rich with mushroom pieces, whole lot of them, and the taste was not bad either. Guess it was really worth the RM2, reallllll worthy.

Salmon Soup (RM8). I just took one sip of this soup only. It has the fishy taste, I dont like it.

Spring Roll (RM6 for 5 pieces), but I think they gave us more than 5 pieces. It was a bit oily, and not so crunchy (maybe because I ate it after I finished all the main course). The ingredients it it was nothing to shout about. The spring roll sold at the vegetarian stall near my house tasted much better.

Salad Chicken Chop (RM19.90). It came in a very big oval plate with 2 sausages, french fries, fruit salad, coleslaw and a bun. Not to forget the chicken chop with some mayonaise sauce on top. The chicken chop tasted almost like KFC chicken, but this was less oily and the taste was good.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (RM11.90). For a pepper super lover like me, I definately fancy this dish as the pepper sauce was super 'spicy'. The chicken chop was a different texture compared to the salad chicken chop above. This was not bad either! I doesnt quite like the fruit salad, if they served with peas and corn, that would be much better.

Honey Lamb (RM18.80). OMG! Got the first taste of it and I super love it! They gave themselves four thumbups in the menu, but I will give them 5 thumbs up. The lamb was grilled to perfectness and was marinated with the honey. It tasted delicious without any dipping of sauce. Sweet!

Seafood Platter (RM26.90). It came in a huge round plate with 2 oysters, 4 squids, 1 fish fillet and 2 prawns. I took one oyster, the sauce was not bad but the oyster was not fresh lor. The fish fillet was fried with bread crumbs I think, and the coated bread crumbs was just nice, not too thick. The fish was fresh and no fishy smell and it came in a thick piece as well.

Jackie said I look older if I am this thin, while she said she looks younger than me coz she has fat face. Do I look older than her?

Everytime I have dinner with with Jackie, definately she over-ordered the food. This time it was no exception. She kept on order, order and order until the table was filled with dishes. Then, she just took one small portion, and divide all other remaining portions to us. She said she is too fat and wanna slim down, dont wanna eat so much, but still she ordered massive amount of food and stuffed us. =.="

The restaurant charges 5% service charge. They offers huge selection of cheap western food ranging from appetizers (which I doubt I will try next time), soup (will go for the mushroom soup again), fish, steaks, lamb, chicken chops and some special unique drinks. The restaurant was packed with people even though it was a Thursday night.

Star Village Western Food
25-1, Jln PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 61408072


maro^gal said...

where is this... how come i never see b4... in kota d'sara???.. hmmmm

bring me there..!!!! hahhahaa

siewmun said...

Ya, in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. I only know the area, but exact direction I tak tahu wo. Hehe.

Next time ajak u there.