Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shivz - Bangsar

Since Rihanna concert was postponed last week, Nicole called for a dinner after work on Thursday for a meet up. Wednesday night she sms-ed me asking me to join her for a food tasting dinner with Joe, the food blogger for lotsofcravings blog. Erm...I hesitated as first as I was a bit paiseh to join. I am not a 100% food blogger wo... What if they are a lot of food bloggers who are very good in tasting food and commenting? What if all of them has high tech camera except me? (I wouldnt want to take my camera out wei). Gulp.... Anyhow, decided to join them for dinner with the thinking of getting some exposure.

To my relief, Joe was the only food blogger there, he invited 3 of his friends to join for the dinner as well. We were greeted by Shiva, the owner of Shivz and 2 other restaurants in Telawi Bangsar and Cyberjaya. Shiva is a friendly and talkative guy and he loves dancing!

Shiva's tagline is 'Good Value Food' for his customers. He always think of his customers first before he decides on the pricing of the dishes, as well as the portion of the dishes. He believes that providing huge portion of food with good quality together with a reasonable / affordable pricing.

The ambience of the restaurant was nice and the chairs were comfy too.

For the drinks, Shiva said that his table policy is 'No Ice, No Sugar' as he believes that healthy and true to its original taste is the best thing to serve his customers. So, for fresh fruit juices, no ice and sugar are added to the drink. He said that if ice is added to the drinks, once the customer finishes the drink, some amount of ice water is left at the bottom. So, when the customer takes the last sip, he/she only takes in ice water but not the drink anymore. This gives the last impression to customer that the drink is watery --> no good. Anyway, if the customer requests for ice or sugar, they will still provide it to the customer on a separate container.

This restaurant serves about 10 mocktails if I am not mistaken. Nicole's Punch Line.

Fried Mushroom - There were 2 different types of mushroom, one was the normal black mushroom and another was the fan mushroom. The coating was very crunchy and the mushrooms were juicy. This dish was not oily. The sauce added an extra omph to the mushroom when I dipped in. Love this!

Bruschettas with 3 different types of toppings. I only tried 2 types, which were the ones with mushroom and tomato (the 2 pieces at the bottom of the pic). Love the mushroom toppings as it was really generous servings and well marinated with herbs. However, I do hope that the bread could be more crispier.

Prawn Salad. The salad was sprinkled with tamarine-taste of sauce on it. The prawns were well-marinated with tamarine sauce. Nicole commented that she loves this type of flavour, which is quite hard to find elsewhere. For me, I have no problem with the sauce but the prawn that I took was a bit hard to bite lor. Maybe it was straight from the freezer?

For this dish, Shiva said that actually he was not happy when his chef poured the sauce at the side of the dish (for decoration purpose maybe?). He thinks that who would eat the sauce when you put it out of the vegetables? Do you think that the customer will lick the plate? He believes that all the food served must be taken into the stomach of the customers. As such, decoration that cannot be eaten easily is not allowed in his territory.

Mushroom soup. The cream of mushroom was with an 'earthy' flavour in it.

Seafood soup. Very rich in ingredients in fact. Not fishy smell and taste, so it tasted fine to me.

Next, the main dishes were served. I do not know the exact name for the dishes, so I named it with the most general term.

I notice that Shiva loves to use 'weight' when he describes the dishes. For example, 'we serve 200g of rice' or 'the 250g of lamb' etc. Quite unique huh. Actually, what he was trying to convey was that he served really huge portion of food with its reasonable price.

Chicken Pasta. Not bad.
Mushroom Chicken. The sauce was good, with a tint of mushroom flavour in it. However, I do not like it to be served with chicken breast, which was a bit tough to my liking. The mashed potato was superb and very buttery.

Fish fillet. Sorry to say, but I don't quite like this dish as the fishy taste was too strong. I just took a small part of the fish and I don't bother taking another serving.

Lamb Shank. The sauce was not bad, almost tasted the same as the mushroom chicken above. Although it was served in quite a big piece, but the lamb shank was a bit da disappointed as it was not tender at all. Maybe it was not being boiled long enough. All along I thought lamb shank suppose to be tender and soft, and it can be ripped off easily with the use of fork only (not knife).

Rack of Lamb. Aha! This rack of lamb was different! The lamb was a bit burned, but I like it. The sauce was rich with herbs and the lamb tasted superb.

Mumtaj Chicken. Don't be fooled by the look! There were lots of stuffings in it, which tasted delicious. The chicken was grilled to tenderness and it was well-marinated. The green sauce somewhat tasted like mint sauce, but the red sauce was the typical Indian dippings, which were flavourful. Definately a must-order for the second visit.

A cappucino after the heavy meal.

As a whole, the sauce was really flavourful, only the meat for certain dishes were a bit disappointing. All the dishes were well-marinated with some Indian herbs in it, that's why it was rich in flavour. With the affordable pricing for huge portion, quite worth for trying.

64, Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar Baru.