Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shanghai Grand 10 - Avenue K

Revisited Shanghai 10 for Lou Sang purposes last Friday. Went with PY, MG and AL. Posted this bowl of Special Sauce La Mien first instead of Yee Sang being first, because this bowl of mee was served first! To our surprise in fact.

Then, we were discussing whether to eat this mee first or wait for the yee sang to arrive. Our conclusion was: To eat Yee Sang first (that's the normal routine ma). Then we raised our hand and asked for the Yee Sang to be served first. (We didnt ask the waiter to take back the bowl of this La Mien la of coz).

After waited for quite a while (which means that my bowl of La Mien was getting colder and colder), our much awaited Yee Sang finally arrived. We were shocked by the amount of it man. The portion was like 'Yat Mai' (full portion) instead of 'Boon Mai' (half portion). Omg! How can a 4 person team eat Yat Mai punya yee sang?

The ingredients (I mean the colored stuffs) were crunchy and the salmon was fresh. MG complained that there was little pomela in it. Anyhow, we managed to finish the whole plate. Phew! But I was full already after that.

Shared my Special Sauce La Mien ('Ja Cheong') with AL. Tasted a bit sourish. I thought Ja Cheong La Mien is dry one (that's what I always had in the SS2 Taiwan Mee), but Shanghai 10 served like a soup-based Ja Cheong. I still prefer Crab Roe La Mien. Hehe.

Shanghai Dumplings (Siu Long Bao).

Fried Prawn Dumpling ('Har Kok'). It was served quite a big piece, whereby the innner part was filled with prawns (note the 's'), big pieces of them. The paste was crunchy and was not oily at all. Priced at RM5 for 3 pieces, I think this is the best Har Kok I have tasted so far, plus I am a prawn-lover as well.

As usual, PY shared her sour and spicy la mien with MG, whereby both having the same taste for food.

Service was a bit poor that day. Guess there were too many people and we were seated at the back of the corner, so the waiters can hardly notice us raising up our hands. Despite that, I will still visit this restaurant when I am craving for La Mien. Hehe.

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