Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salsa Aerobic Dance Class

When my company sports club organized a ‘Salsa Aerobic’ Dance Class, PY and I immediately enrolled. Tuesday was our first class. Before that day, both of us kept on discussing what attire to wear as both of us also do not have a proper dancing attire. Wanna purposely go and buy dancing attire but we were afraid that the class is not good and we will withdraw from the class. Then our money for the new dancing baju will go down to the drain. So we decided to wear normal baju.

Monday night, my mum came into my room and asked what am I wearing for the class. I said chin chai lor, normal top and dancing pants. She said, “Since when you have a dancing pants?”“Long time ago lor, when I went with you to My Dance Shop, I grabbed a pants also ma”.“So, what shirt you are going to wear?”.“My Fila top lor”.“Yer…so loose and old”“Aiya, no one will look la”.“I have a few dancing baju, give u?”.“Aiya….no need la” She don’t care and went out to search for the bajus.

She was so excited as if she was the one attending the Salsa class (FYI, my mum is attending belly dancing class, that’s the reason why she has lots of dancing bajus and seluars). After a few minutes, my mum came back with 4 bajus. One I rejected coz too sexy, two I rejected because the design not nice, so I just took one of it only. But I will still not wear it to my dance class lor.

Tuesday after work, the moment has arrived. All in sports attire except PY who dressed in pyjamas (omg, I think she gonna whack me if she sees this). When we entered the pantry (yup, our office pantry space is our dance floor), our teacher was a petite long hair girl (I should say super petite), wearing a tight black top and tight jeans. At that moment, I was thinking, “wah! Wear jeans and dance salsa, not tight meh?”. Maybe people is professional lei, can flex in any attire.

During the first 20 minutes when she was teaching the steps, she mixed up the steps and confused herself, moreover she confused us! The number counting was wrong and the steps looked weird. Plus, she gave us the wrong routine as well! For around 5 minutes, she was like discussing with her partner on the correct steps. Hello! You are the teacher wei, you don’t know the steps?Finally, she got the correct routine.

For one and a half hour, we kept on learning the 4 times 8 count steps only. No music accompanying us. Coz she said her music is uploaded to the internet and our company does not allow third party to access the internet. So, she simply find some songs from her laptop and said ‘please ignore the singer, you just follow the drum beat will do”. WTH!

After 1 hour, I was a tad bored with the class. I didn’t even sweat a tiny drop of sweat man. What’s the meaning of ‘Aerobic’ without sweat? Without sweat = without burning any calories. I was so disappointed. And throughout the session, the trainer kept on counting the number of students, it was like every 10 minutes, she counted the heads. It made me think that she is a money-minded trainer. Cant she just focus on training us rather than spend her time counting the number of heads.

I was super dissatisfied with the trainer, a total disappointment. A girl who might be good in dancing, but lack of experience in teaching, I still can accept. However, if you know your weakness is lack of experience, at the very least, please practice the routine at home and get yourselves well prepared before you come for ‘TEACHING’. Dont feel like attending another class under her. Super boring.

Wednesday arrived, our company’s organizer who organize the salsa aerobic class told me that she is changing the instructor as she feels that the girl did not meet her expectation. She told me that she will ask for an experience instructor. Hooray! Is expected la, who wanna pay for an instructor who dont know how to teach lei. Like cheating our money only.

Today our organizer sent an email stating that she found a new instructor, a mat salleh guy who has 15 years of teaching dance moves. I dont care whether our instructor is a guy or a girl, as long as he / she knows how to teach. Looking forward to the salsa dance class next Tuesday.

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Phui Yee said...

HOI..Aunty..That's not pyjamas hor..tat's sport wear oso.i use tat to jogging in the morning last time...But as you like if you wana define it as pyjamas..Pyjamas should be in larger size.bluekk