Monday, February 16, 2009

Sakae Sushi - KLCC

There was an event in my company on Friday morning and lunch was provided. I took some meehoon, roti jala, curry chicken and 2 curry puffs, and I was a bit full. So, during lunch time, we went to KLCC and shopping first. Then around 1.30pm, we went to Sakae Sushi for light lunch.

MG ordered Miso Soup.

Erm...this one I don't know what is it....

Soft Shell Crab Temaki - MG's favourite and must-order dish in Sakae.

Unagi Tofu - MG's favourites too! (Next time I must try try n see)

PY's Kiri Udon served on a hot stone bowl. A bit sweet and a bit salty.

AL ordered some sort like jelly fish thingy...dont know what is it called again.

and a plate of sushi.

My chuka lidako. and salmon sashimi.

Sakae Sushi @ Suria KLCC

Shop 428, Level 4,

Suria KLCC.

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