Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restoran MBA - Puchong

After a tiring shopping spree (I only bought RM10 worth of items only ok), we (a team of 7) went for a dai chao in Bandar Puteri Puchong, as we really dont know what to eat for dinner. Annie and Calvin never been to this restaurant before, as such we are taking a risk here. But seeing quite a few tables were occupied, I think this restaurant should be fine gua.

We ordered their famous Curry Fish Head and few other dishes. After 10minutes, the lady boss came and told us the most shocking thing: "we have no rice already". I thought I heard her wrongly. But she repeated the same sentence. We were stunt. A Chinese dai chao restaurant no rice? The most essential item on the dinning table. What a joke man! We cancelled the Curry Fish Head as we feels that we cannot eat the curry without rice.

So we asked to fried some meehoon, the she said, "we have sing chow mai (Singapore style fried mee hoon)". Calvin said, "dont wan sing chow mai, normal fried mee hoon got ar?". I can see from the lady boss face appeared lots of question marks, "what do you mean by normal fried mee hoon?". The rest of us was struggling to control our laughter. "normal fried meehoon with some soya sauce la". "hm....we dont have that dish". I almost fell of chair, and bursted with laughter.

At the end, we still proceed with ordering the Sing Chow Mai. We ordered for 3 people portion but the portion served was soooo small. Each one of us took one / two spoonful also no more liao. Later, I heard the table beside wanna order this dish also but the lady boss said no more meehoon already. SWT!

We ordered this Fried Kuew Teow as well. The portion was slightly bigger than the above meehoon. Tasted not bad.

Then, the lady boss came over again, "no more nai bak wo". We were like, "everything also dont have one!". She still can answer us somemore you know, "you all come so late". We arrived at 9pm for dinner and it is not late for a dai chao ok. So, we order stir fried choy sum. Just a standard dish.

Signature Pork belly. Whoa! I can say that I super love this dish wo. The sauce marinated with the pork belly was unique and I have not tasted it else where. It was sweet and was not too salty. Nicely done.

Sizzling Sotong. Similar look as the one in Kepong but this was worse than Kepong's one. Totally cannot compete. The curry sauce has no taste at all and I totally cannot taste the banana leaf taste.

Sizzling beancurd. This is another good dish as the ingredients was a lot, look at the big piece of egg beneath the beancurds. The sauce was nice.

The total bill was RM66. Actually I would like to come back to taste their Curry Fish Head and eat their signature pork again le. Next time must come early. If not, they might say "No more tea, drink the curry la".

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