Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pasta Zanmai - 1 Utama

After dim sum at Yuen Garden, Annie, Suyin and I went to 1U for shopping. Actually, it supposed to be 'teman Annie for shopping' as she needs to buy some working dress after confinement. She advised us that before giving birth, must buy some shirts that are one size bigger and the most important one is a pair of shoes that is one size bigger. Noted.

We went to this shop called Eighteen Eighty. This shop has only 4 prices: 18, 80, 188 and 1880. Annie tried a few dresses. The first dress that she wore fits her nicely, the cutting was perfect, and the material was nice. Too bad, the dress costs RM188. Too expensive to wear to work in my opinion. At the end, she bought one dress RM80 and another dress at RM40 (after 50% discount).

Then we walked walked and walked until 2pm. Hungry liao le. Annie suggested Pasta Zanmai as she has RM20 voucher. Since I never try it before, I agreed. We were seated in a small round cubicle thingy. Cozy place for chatting.

We ordered a pot of tea (RM3). Suyin advised us to brew the tea for 4 minutes first before pouring out. Annie complained that last time she came, the tea was very diluted, most probably they didnt wait for it to brew. People who worked in the beverage industry really are pros le, she can tell you specifically brew for '4 minutes'.

Add RM3 for salad and miso soup. Annie loves the salad. I tried a bit, it wasnt bad, but I still likes the sashimi salad sauce that I had in Sushi Zanmai last week. Annie said the miso soup not nice, so she didnt touch it at all.

Salmon Sashimi Pasta Set (RM26). This pasta was served dry. No sauce.

Aburi Salmon Pasta (RM23). This came with some sesame sauce which tasted delicious. Not too buttery and not too bland. Salmon was fresh.

Soft Shell Crab Pasta (RM23). This sauce tasted a bit different from the sauce above, as this has a tint of crab sauce in it. I super love this sauce until I think I can drink it, if you ask me too. There were 2 soft shell crab. They were fresh, but was not crunchy because the sauce was layered on top.

First time trying this restaurant and it wasnt bad at all! Quite unique flavours, a blend of Japanese sauce with Italian style pasta. It doesnt lose out if compared against the Italian restaurants' pastas. Definately worth another visit.

However, the price is on a high side. Our total bill was RM86.25 (plus 10% and 5% tax) for 3 person. Suyin counted: 5 pieces of Salmon costs RM9 in Sushi Zanmai and 5 pieces of salmon + pasta cost RM23 in Pasta Zanmai. It was like more than RM10 for the pasta? Is for you to judge.

Pasta Zanmai
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Center.
(Near Carl's Junior Burger)

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