Friday, February 20, 2009

The Magic Wok Restaurant

During the game of 'In Between', everyone was asking everyone whether they have any programmes for Valentine's Day dinner. I mean Yweng couple, Nikky couple, Scott couple, Kinyu couple, and Calvin couple. Oh Ya, and my bro himself.

The first to answer was Kinyu who said that he has to go back for a candle light dinner with Anne. Wah! The gf prepared candle light dinner, so romantica! Calvin sure cannot go out for dinner lor coz need to shift house the next day. Then Nikky and Yweng said no program coz everywhere is expensive. Of coz, for Scott who doesnt plan ahead, definately he has no program.

So, I suggested to try Magic Wok near Atria since two months ago I went with my dad and my mum, and I forgotten to bring my camera. Plus, is a chinese restaurant, sure they wont have 'valentine's day set dinner' right? So the seven of us went there at 7.30pm and luckily enough we managed to get a table, but unlucky enough, the table was near the entrance and there is no glass door separating the air-con inside from the heat outside. So, it was a bit hot throughout the dinner lor.

Yam Basket (RM28), my bro's favourite dish. However, the yam served here was a bit gamy and the coating of the yam was nothing spectacular. The inner ingredients were standard.

Twin Pork Ribs (RM22). The ribs were marinated with sweet sauce and it tasted good. The only complain was the fats of each rib were too much lor.

Claypot Brinjal with Minced Meat (RM15). It was served hot and the fragrance of the tiny winy fish paste was flowing through. It was love at first taste when I tasted in during the visit with my parents and I cant resist not ordering this during this visit. There were no super-fishy taste at all! Compared to last time I visited a restaurant in SS2, the dish was so fishy until I only took two spoon of it and left it there [btw, the restaurant has closed down]. Anyway, this dish must be eaten together with rice as it would be very salty without rice. Thumbs up!

Roast Duck (RM24 for half). Magic Wok's signature roast duck, served with a saucer plate of chilli and dipping sauce. The duck has a very strong herbs taste, so I think it was marinated with some chinese herbs. Other than that, this was just an average roast duck. The stall in ss2 market sells much better roast duck.

Claypot Tofu (RM20). Quite a big portion I can say. The tofu was quite solid but soft in texture and the sauce was nice. Everyone like this dish.

Magic Wok offers extensive selection of dish, you would be spoilt for choices. Their price range is slightly more expensive than the normal 'Dai Chao' (due to its air-con and cleaner environment), but more cheaper than the high class chinese restaurant that host wedding banquet. The meal that we had above came to RM20 per person. The restaurant charges 10% service tax.

I definately would visit them again to try out other dishes. It is advisable to come early around 7pm as the crowd starts to pour in around 8pm.

The Magic Wok Restaurant
No. 32, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya.
Tel: 77292288

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