Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ikea Breakfast

Boy boy has always wanted to decorate his room, or should I say refurbish his room. So his mission is to buy lamps that can create some nice environment inside his room. So, early in the morning, I woke him up and we went to Ikea.

When we reached there at 10.45am, we went for a breakfast in Ikea. I always wanted to try their meatballs as my dad and sis said it was super tasty. However, Ikea only serves meatballs, I mean lunch meals after 11.30am. So we settled with the sandwiches that they served for breakfast as we were super hungry already.

Refillable soft drinks for RM1.50 and refillable coffee for RM3.50. They 4 coffee machines that served coffee and milk, cappuccino and coffee. So Scott went and drank 2 cups of cappucino and 1 cup of coffee. Ended he couldnt sleep in the afternoon.

Prawn Sandwich. Huge amount of cold prawns were given plus they were all very fresh. The cabbage and the cucumber were very crunchy. With the addition of a tint of lemon add some extrac kick to the sandwich. However, the mayonaise was so-so only, and the bread was a bit thin lor. Hope they serve thicker bread.

Chicken Ham Sandwich. Thick pieces of cheese and a piece of ham. Served cold as well. Not bad actually. Now, the bread is too thick for our liking. Hehe.

At 11.30am, lunch sets started. People willing to wait from 10.30am until 11.30am for the lunch. The lunch meals must be good. I saw people buying meat balls and fries, chicken wings, chicken chops etc. Too bad me and boy boy wanted to proceed to shopping already. Next time I must come back to try their lunch set.

I enjoyed walking in Ikea with Boy boy coz it looked like both of us bought a new house and eagerly to decorate the new home together. Anyway, come back to reality. We spent 3 hours in Ikea, majority of the time was in the Lighting Section where boy boy hunted for his lamp.

So for three hours, we bought a laundry basket, clock, 2 lamps, and 2 bulbs.

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Phui Yee said...

i've tasted once the ikea meat balls and franks, damn delicious..Omg, yam basket,i'm desperately craving for wu kok and yam basket this weekend, duno why..sighh