Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner at Westin Hotel, KL

Invited by Heather to join a CNY dinner in Westin Hotel, KL. She bought a stroller in Robinsons and won herself a lucky draw. Baby JL really brings luck! The price is a 10 course dinner worth RM900 in Westin Hotel for free!

I was in a car with baby JL. He was so farnie, he cried while the car stopped for red light, and straight away kept quiet the moment the car moved. Malaysian rule: Red light = stop, Green light = go. Baby JL's rule: Red light = cry; Gree light = smile. swt.

Baby JL likes to be hugged like this....

The 10 course dinner is known as Happiness Ruyi Chinese New Year. Woop! Look at the size of the chopstick, huge!

Green Apple Yee Sang with Salmon.

Braised Crab Meat, Dried Scallop, and Shark Fin Soup.

Roasted Baby Chicken with Preserved Beancurd. The guys got the drumbstick and the girls got the chicken wing. Scott gave his drumbstick to his mum, while Kenny gave his to Heather. So, what's the point of giving the guys drumbstick? Next time, straight away give the drumbstick to the girls.

Steamed Red Grouper In Premium Soy.

Baked Tiger Prawns with Spicy Chilli Salt. Super love this.

Braised Tea Mushroom, Sea Cucumber and Fatt Choy.

Fried Rice with Dried Oyster, Black Mushroom and Fragrant Wax Meat.

Pan Fried New Year Cake with Golden Almond. Oooo, nien kou is call New Year Cake in English....

Peanut Sesame Dumpling in Light Ginger Syrup. Super love dumpling too!

After dinner, we wanna take photos with Kai Kai but he no mood to take.

Then he saw us taking photos, he also wanna take! small kids....

Taught him how to camwhore.

"Ok, finish taking photos liao, I march away first".

Posey Scott....

Only managed to take some good photos outside, as the lighting was bright.

The restaurant environment was very nice, the decorations were nice, cozy. However, the lighting was a bit dark, and I couldnt grab a nice photo of the surroundings. Sigh.

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