Sunday, February 1, 2009

Couldn't Imagine ....

How Women Can Walk In Sky High Heels.

I always admire women who walk in high heels with super thin heels and pointed head. Walking in high heels make a woman super sexy as she will twist her butt when she walks. Oooo... can attract guys when walking too!

So, once in a while I try to be this sexy woman too! Launched my new black peep toe shoe from Elements which is 3 inch high during the dinner in Ninja Jones with boy boy. See, I really wear high heel once in a while ok, or maybe one year once la...during boy boy's birthday. :P

I paired it with my black leggings as legging is a must for this year.

We parked in The Gardens and went up to GSC Signature to buy tickets first. Towards walking to the escalator, my shoe kept on slipping out as the leggings was too smooth. So, a few steps sounded like 'clark clark clark' coz once my shoe slipped off, it stratched the floor, creating the sound. Dem malu wei. I suppose to look sexy, not clumsy ok.

I was trying to discover a way to walk 'normal', trying hard not to let my shoe slip off. It was no easy task man! One part of the brain trying to manage the communication with boyfriend, another part of the brain trying to maintain my sexy posture, another part of the brain trying to figure out how to walk normally. I'm going crazy now (quote from Rihanna song).

After we bought the tickets, have to walk to Mid Valley to search for Ninja Jones. That time, my feet starting to pain already. Then, so happen that there were some acrobat show in the center court, so I asked boy boy to stop and stand and watch the performance, as my legs were very pain.

To my horror, even while I was standing, the bottom of my feet starting to have some burning sensation. I think it was because the heels were dem high, so the weight of the body weighed down on the bottom front of the feet. OMG! Stand also cannot liao.

After the performance, struggled to walk to Ninja Jones. On our way there, boy boy said wanna withdraw cash from ATM, so I have to wait for him. Argh~!!! Trying to stand on one leg and let the other leg rest, but couldnt, the 'one leg standing' foot was super pain! Then tried to stand on both leg, equal. Ended up both feet also pain. Swt!

Finally I got to sit down in Ninja Jones! Phew! My poor feet. Some part of my feet was already burning. I suspected it has blister already. To my expectation when I got home, one big round blister on the bottom of each foot. Luckily not the serious type one, I mean the ones with water in it. If I were to walk another kilometer, I think I will need a tongkat already.

Sigh, I always like to wear flats or maybe one inch heels. That day really broke my own record, wanna have some sexy feelings in me.

Trying to look sexy, ended up looking silly. Stupid.

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