Sunday, February 1, 2009

Canton-i - One Utama

After watching Underworld, we suppose to treat my mum lunch as it was her birthday that day. I suggested Ms Read Delicious, but she said she wanna eat some chinese food. She was the one suggested Canton-i. Guess that day Q too long, and we didnt manage to eat it, and now she craved for it.

It was 2.30pm already, the restaurant was quite packed! We got a table at the corner. Once I seated down, boy boy said he saw Chean2 with her mum. Oooo, what a coincidence. Went and chat with her for a while.

Wanton Mee with char siew and siew yuk (RM13.80). The farnie thing was if you order noodle with soup, it was just RM12.80. So I guess the soy sauce for dried wanton mee cost the additional RM1. What a theory! The char siew was quite over burned at the side, and siew yuk was nice and the skin was crunchy. My mum said that the wanton mee with soy sauce was too sweet.

Boy boy ordered Dumpling Noodles (RM11.80). He gave one dumpling to my mum and one to me. The dumpling was huge! There was a huge prawn in it. The skin was thin and it does not break easily. Love the dumplings.

Fried Carrot Cake (RM12). Nothing to shout about, but I like the choy bou fried together with the egg. The carrot cake was a bit oily.

Spicy pepper Silver Fish (RM12). My mum poked this one. Although it looked a bit weird but it turned out not bad actually. I quite like it. The crunchiness plus the garlic pepper taste, and it was not salty. Nice.

This place is definately not a cheap place to dine in, and I would be broke if I visit this restaurant too often. I noticed that a few items were over-priced such as Har Gao (Prawn dumpling) was priced at RM10 for 3 pieces (OMG! Even more expensive than hotel's dimsum) and the tea was charged RM5 per pax (Per pax wei and minimum 2 pax, RM10 for a pot of chinese tea? crazy).

CIMB has 10% off. This restaurant charges service charge 10% and goverment tax 5%. I wonder why they charge service charge, and we have to walk to the counter there and pay the bill. Service charge is about serving the customer food and the bill ma. What a lousy concept.

Overly priced restaurant with average dishes with super long Q. Guess people nowadays still can afford to eat expensive food even though economy downturn.

G-208, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Mall,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47400 PJ.
Tel: 77297888
(Opposite TGIF)


maro^gal said...

halooo... yaya chean2 is me..!! lolz (just in case ur readers wonder who is tat.... gosh i'm too thick skin =.='')

hahaaa ya they like to make it sweet for wan tan mee.. may be the sauce gua.. they put honey?? so it cost extra rm1...

i tried the carrot cake too... yes indeed very oily...

never try the san keh ma b4... the egg tart is nice.. i ate 2...lolz

i ate a few times jor... but that day i treat also... luckily normally my mum treat me... if not i'm broke alredy.... its actually related to dragon-i.. but nicer than dragon-i....

did u return them the ''wet tissue''? coz it cost rm1 for a piece... =.=''

oops... too long gas... pai seh... :p

siewmun said...

Next time I should write 'I met marogal' instead. Hahaha.

Yup, i returned the wet tissue. Really wanna liok people money one.

maro^gal said...

HAhhaa... i seldom admit on net so openly...
so u have to be proud of tat... kekeeee
anyway... just write anything u comfortable its alright...