Monday, February 9, 2009

14th day of CNY

Sunday, the 14th day of CNY. Suppose to follow Scott and his mum to visit his uncle at Seremban. Then when Scott woke up at 11am and told me that his uncle might be coming to PJ and visit them instead. Note the word 'might'. So, just in case need to go Seremban, I dressed nicely (kimono-inspired dress) and wore high heels to his house instead of top and jeans.

Around 1pm only we got a confirmation that his uncle is coming up to PJ. Sigh, if we know that earlier, we should have gone to Ikea for a walk and I should have wear jeans. But never mind, Scott likes to see me in skirt, so I should wear more skirts often. He would have been happier if I wear mini skirt. Hahaha.

When we wanna go for lunch, I told Scott that he has to bring me to somewhere with air-con since I dressed so nice. I dont wanna eat in hawker stalls. We decided to go to Cozy Corner in Jaya 33. However, on the way there, we passed by a shop famous with their 'Lo Pan Mee' and I have not eaten it since I stopped working in PJ.

So, spontaneously, Scott did a three point turn and there we were. Forgotten the shop name, please ask Scott for it. Ya, it wasnt a shop with air-con, but I was fine with it. I got annoyed when people stared at me miraculously. Cannot wear nice nice to eat Pan Mee one meh????

My favourite Lo Pan Mee. 2 different types of Pan Mee (One made with spinach, thus the green color; one with carrot, thus the orangy color) together with 3 pieces of prawns (Scott gave me some of his as well), 2 fuchuk and a few pieces of pork. Ate until I sweat lei, finished the whole bowl of Lo Mee soup. Satisfying lunch.


Baby JL was having a fever on Saturday night as he has just been vaccinated. Scott's mum brought him to Scott's room for me to play. Baby JL was wide awake even though he was sticked with a fever-reducing patch on his forehead. Almost 3 months old, now he is trying to 'talk'. Although no specific words coming out from him yet, but when we talked to him nicely, he will reply you, trying to tell you stories or maybe answering your questions. Hahaha. So cute!

When Scott's uncle came and visit them at 3pm, baby JL was asleep. They tried to wake him up, but he just tighten up his eye brow and squeezed his lips, showing signs that we are kacau-ing him sleeping. Hahaha.

Guess he is only wide awake at night.


At night, went to my aunty's house in Cheras, as my cousin brother is having a steamboat party there. Coincidently, that day was my another aunty's birthday as well. I called her Ying Yee. She sayang me a lot one. We bought her this yam layer cake from Golden Bakery in SS2.

My cousin brother bought her tiramisu cake as well.

That's her, my mum's second eldest sister.

From left: My mum eldest sister, second eldest sis, third eldest sis, my mum, and her sister-in-law. All four of them looks really alike right? My mum always said that non of us (refering to me, my bro and my sis) has her eldest sister's dimples. My mum has dimples at both side but my Yee Ma ones are really deep.

The person in black with specs is my cousin brother (only son of my Yee Ma), who always appear in some TV commercials. He said that he can earn some pocket money from there. Haha.

The first question when I met my Ying Yee was "Got boyfriend already?". When I said I have, a series of questions came:

"Pak toh how long already?"

"Why never bring him along?"


"Are both of you planning for marriage?"

"When can get married?"

"Next time bring him come find me la"

Then later that night my mum said to me, "next time you and scott come and find Ying Yee la". Gulp..... erm.... mum.... can you address the question directly to scott?


maro^gal said...

lolz.... relatives (yi mar gu jie)... normally like to ask these kinds of question.... giv them a big smile and walk away..... hahhahaa

** how come hor... u sometimes call him scott sometimes call him boy boy.... in ur blog.... shall i wonder is it the same person or 2 diff ppl?? kekkeeee

siewmun said...

last time they dont ask one lei....only 2 yrs ago they started asking...

** got mood then call him boy boy mood then call him scott lor...wahahhaa...or if you wanna think they are 2 different person also can geh...

Calvin said...

so when get marry? when want to give birth your first child? your boyfriend treat u nice or not? wahaha...prepare all these answer everytime when u visit ur relatives lor, especially one year only get to see one time punya relatives.