Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salsa Aerobic Dance Class

When my company sports club organized a ‘Salsa Aerobic’ Dance Class, PY and I immediately enrolled. Tuesday was our first class. Before that day, both of us kept on discussing what attire to wear as both of us also do not have a proper dancing attire. Wanna purposely go and buy dancing attire but we were afraid that the class is not good and we will withdraw from the class. Then our money for the new dancing baju will go down to the drain. So we decided to wear normal baju.

Monday night, my mum came into my room and asked what am I wearing for the class. I said chin chai lor, normal top and dancing pants. She said, “Since when you have a dancing pants?”“Long time ago lor, when I went with you to My Dance Shop, I grabbed a pants also ma”.“So, what shirt you are going to wear?”.“My Fila top lor”.“Yer…so loose and old”“Aiya, no one will look la”.“I have a few dancing baju, give u?”.“Aiya….no need la” She don’t care and went out to search for the bajus.

She was so excited as if she was the one attending the Salsa class (FYI, my mum is attending belly dancing class, that’s the reason why she has lots of dancing bajus and seluars). After a few minutes, my mum came back with 4 bajus. One I rejected coz too sexy, two I rejected because the design not nice, so I just took one of it only. But I will still not wear it to my dance class lor.

Tuesday after work, the moment has arrived. All in sports attire except PY who dressed in pyjamas (omg, I think she gonna whack me if she sees this). When we entered the pantry (yup, our office pantry space is our dance floor), our teacher was a petite long hair girl (I should say super petite), wearing a tight black top and tight jeans. At that moment, I was thinking, “wah! Wear jeans and dance salsa, not tight meh?”. Maybe people is professional lei, can flex in any attire.

During the first 20 minutes when she was teaching the steps, she mixed up the steps and confused herself, moreover she confused us! The number counting was wrong and the steps looked weird. Plus, she gave us the wrong routine as well! For around 5 minutes, she was like discussing with her partner on the correct steps. Hello! You are the teacher wei, you don’t know the steps?Finally, she got the correct routine.

For one and a half hour, we kept on learning the 4 times 8 count steps only. No music accompanying us. Coz she said her music is uploaded to the internet and our company does not allow third party to access the internet. So, she simply find some songs from her laptop and said ‘please ignore the singer, you just follow the drum beat will do”. WTH!

After 1 hour, I was a tad bored with the class. I didn’t even sweat a tiny drop of sweat man. What’s the meaning of ‘Aerobic’ without sweat? Without sweat = without burning any calories. I was so disappointed. And throughout the session, the trainer kept on counting the number of students, it was like every 10 minutes, she counted the heads. It made me think that she is a money-minded trainer. Cant she just focus on training us rather than spend her time counting the number of heads.

I was super dissatisfied with the trainer, a total disappointment. A girl who might be good in dancing, but lack of experience in teaching, I still can accept. However, if you know your weakness is lack of experience, at the very least, please practice the routine at home and get yourselves well prepared before you come for ‘TEACHING’. Dont feel like attending another class under her. Super boring.

Wednesday arrived, our company’s organizer who organize the salsa aerobic class told me that she is changing the instructor as she feels that the girl did not meet her expectation. She told me that she will ask for an experience instructor. Hooray! Is expected la, who wanna pay for an instructor who dont know how to teach lei. Like cheating our money only.

Today our organizer sent an email stating that she found a new instructor, a mat salleh guy who has 15 years of teaching dance moves. I dont care whether our instructor is a guy or a girl, as long as he / she knows how to teach. Looking forward to the salsa dance class next Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restoran MBA - Puchong

After a tiring shopping spree (I only bought RM10 worth of items only ok), we (a team of 7) went for a dai chao in Bandar Puteri Puchong, as we really dont know what to eat for dinner. Annie and Calvin never been to this restaurant before, as such we are taking a risk here. But seeing quite a few tables were occupied, I think this restaurant should be fine gua.

We ordered their famous Curry Fish Head and few other dishes. After 10minutes, the lady boss came and told us the most shocking thing: "we have no rice already". I thought I heard her wrongly. But she repeated the same sentence. We were stunt. A Chinese dai chao restaurant no rice? The most essential item on the dinning table. What a joke man! We cancelled the Curry Fish Head as we feels that we cannot eat the curry without rice.

So we asked to fried some meehoon, the she said, "we have sing chow mai (Singapore style fried mee hoon)". Calvin said, "dont wan sing chow mai, normal fried mee hoon got ar?". I can see from the lady boss face appeared lots of question marks, "what do you mean by normal fried mee hoon?". The rest of us was struggling to control our laughter. "normal fried meehoon with some soya sauce la". "hm....we dont have that dish". I almost fell of chair, and bursted with laughter.

At the end, we still proceed with ordering the Sing Chow Mai. We ordered for 3 people portion but the portion served was soooo small. Each one of us took one / two spoonful also no more liao. Later, I heard the table beside wanna order this dish also but the lady boss said no more meehoon already. SWT!

We ordered this Fried Kuew Teow as well. The portion was slightly bigger than the above meehoon. Tasted not bad.

Then, the lady boss came over again, "no more nai bak wo". We were like, "everything also dont have one!". She still can answer us somemore you know, "you all come so late". We arrived at 9pm for dinner and it is not late for a dai chao ok. So, we order stir fried choy sum. Just a standard dish.

Signature Pork belly. Whoa! I can say that I super love this dish wo. The sauce marinated with the pork belly was unique and I have not tasted it else where. It was sweet and was not too salty. Nicely done.

Sizzling Sotong. Similar look as the one in Kepong but this was worse than Kepong's one. Totally cannot compete. The curry sauce has no taste at all and I totally cannot taste the banana leaf taste.

Sizzling beancurd. This is another good dish as the ingredients was a lot, look at the big piece of egg beneath the beancurds. The sauce was nice.

The total bill was RM66. Actually I would like to come back to taste their Curry Fish Head and eat their signature pork again le. Next time must come early. If not, they might say "No more tea, drink the curry la".

Pasta Zanmai - 1 Utama

After dim sum at Yuen Garden, Annie, Suyin and I went to 1U for shopping. Actually, it supposed to be 'teman Annie for shopping' as she needs to buy some working dress after confinement. She advised us that before giving birth, must buy some shirts that are one size bigger and the most important one is a pair of shoes that is one size bigger. Noted.

We went to this shop called Eighteen Eighty. This shop has only 4 prices: 18, 80, 188 and 1880. Annie tried a few dresses. The first dress that she wore fits her nicely, the cutting was perfect, and the material was nice. Too bad, the dress costs RM188. Too expensive to wear to work in my opinion. At the end, she bought one dress RM80 and another dress at RM40 (after 50% discount).

Then we walked walked and walked until 2pm. Hungry liao le. Annie suggested Pasta Zanmai as she has RM20 voucher. Since I never try it before, I agreed. We were seated in a small round cubicle thingy. Cozy place for chatting.

We ordered a pot of tea (RM3). Suyin advised us to brew the tea for 4 minutes first before pouring out. Annie complained that last time she came, the tea was very diluted, most probably they didnt wait for it to brew. People who worked in the beverage industry really are pros le, she can tell you specifically brew for '4 minutes'.

Add RM3 for salad and miso soup. Annie loves the salad. I tried a bit, it wasnt bad, but I still likes the sashimi salad sauce that I had in Sushi Zanmai last week. Annie said the miso soup not nice, so she didnt touch it at all.

Salmon Sashimi Pasta Set (RM26). This pasta was served dry. No sauce.

Aburi Salmon Pasta (RM23). This came with some sesame sauce which tasted delicious. Not too buttery and not too bland. Salmon was fresh.

Soft Shell Crab Pasta (RM23). This sauce tasted a bit different from the sauce above, as this has a tint of crab sauce in it. I super love this sauce until I think I can drink it, if you ask me too. There were 2 soft shell crab. They were fresh, but was not crunchy because the sauce was layered on top.

First time trying this restaurant and it wasnt bad at all! Quite unique flavours, a blend of Japanese sauce with Italian style pasta. It doesnt lose out if compared against the Italian restaurants' pastas. Definately worth another visit.

However, the price is on a high side. Our total bill was RM86.25 (plus 10% and 5% tax) for 3 person. Suyin counted: 5 pieces of Salmon costs RM9 in Sushi Zanmai and 5 pieces of salmon + pasta cost RM23 in Pasta Zanmai. It was like more than RM10 for the pasta? Is for you to judge.

Pasta Zanmai
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Center.
(Near Carl's Junior Burger)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yuen Garden Dum Sum House - Puchong

Based on Nikky's taste on dim sum, who said this restaurant served nice prawn dumplings, the whole HoChiak team (Nikky, suyin, Calvin, Annie, my bro, Scott, me and our new member, baby Ning Ning) went out to venture for food again!

2-storey corner shop lot, but we were seated at the ground floor.

The famous plus strongly recommended by Nikky - Prawn dumpling. I think we took four basket of this. Indeed, it was filled with prawns and the skin was just nice, not too thick and not too thin.

Siu Mai. so-so only as I felt the meat was too rough coz they squeezed the meat too much already.

Chee Cheong Fun. With the black and white sesame instead of the usual fried onion, it tasted nice.

Fried Prawn dumpling. The pastry was very crunchy and the inner was filled with prawns. My bro who super love fried prawn dumpling said this tasted delicious.

Wu Kok.

Soya sauce prawn dumpling.

Pork ribs. Tasted so so only, I have tasted better else where.

Fish ball.

I dont know what is this called, but actually it tasted not bad wo.

Char Siew Sou.

Fried Carrot Cake. A tad too oily to my liking.

Siu Long Bao. Look at what was beneath the siu long bao. A small cup. Swt. Maybe to help you scoop the soup if pecah? or to hold on to the siu long bao so that it wont pecah? The cup made it so hard to eat. Scott took the first one, he ate the whole thing and almost burned his tongue. My bro was the second one, broke a tiny hole, drank the soup then eat the biji thingy. Third, Nikky squeezed out the siu long bao and ate the whole thing. So Nikky's way of eating looked sensible to Annie, so she used Nikky's way also. I too used Nikky's way.

We took 10 x RM3 dim sum, 4 x RM5 dim sum, 1 x RM2.50 chee cheong fun, 5 x RM0.50 tea. Total bill was RM60. Based on my previous posts on dim sums (Key Way and Phoon Kee), this dim sum event was totally below par in the presence of Nikky and Scott. I think they couldnt take many dim sum as our table is small and a few baskets already filled up our table. So they resisted to take further? So next time, we better go for the ones that serves dim sum in a small sauce plates.

Baby Ning Ning in a jolly mood.

Yuen Garden Dim Sum House
Jalan Kenari 18,
Bandar Puchong Jaya.
Tel: 80763818

Do I look like a ....

Wong Mein Poh?

That night, Scott's mum carried baby JL up and let us take care for a while. Baby JL just finished bathing so he was quite awake at that time. Lied him down on the bed, so both of us were talking to him, he also mumbled some words back.

After a while, I went back to the computer and continued blogging, and Scott went back to his laptop continued his office work. Baby JL kicking here and there, then he cried. Mou lek lor....cannot leave alone one le...have to continue to play with him.

But when we went back and played with him, he dont wanna play already...kept on crying. OMG! Scott was so lousy carrying him, so I took over, then baby JL stopped crying. Oooo...need people to manja wei....

Sorry for the blurry pics coz he cant just stop moving le.

After taking the pics, Scott commented that I looked like 'Wong Mien Poh'. I was so pissed! If I ever become a Wong Mien Poh, I will make sure that you become a Wong Mien Lou too! HM!


The next day early in the morning, finished bathing and put on my moisturizer, suddenly I heard, 'PAK! SHHSHSHSHSHHSHS!'. Went to the kitchen and saw bottom of the sink has burst! Huge amount of water was flowing out.

Ran into my parents room, 'daddy, bao shui (water burst)!' Then I think think, wrong term used. Then I said again, 'water sink burst!'. My dad straight away asked me go off the main water supply. I did.

It was too urgent for me to take a picture at that time. After my dad fixing the whole thing, and he couldnt fix it, it ended up like the pic below. Dont know why the water keep flowing out even though we off the main tap.

See, the water on the floor.... luckily I bath already. My bro has to bath with cold water in my dad's bathroom. Hahaha....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sushi Zanmai - Sunway Pyramid (Revisit)

Whenever I asked boy boy where he wanna go for lunch / dinner, 99% he will say 'up to u', 'u like la', 'anything', or 'chinchai la'. So now, I learn to give him some options to choose. When we met up in Pyramid, I asked him to choose: Bar B Q Plaza, Manhattan Fish Market or Sushi Zanmai. Straight away he eliminated BBQ Plaza, then he asked me to choose between the last two. Knowing him who loves to eat Zanmai, I picked it. There we were again, Zanmai.

He took smoke salmon sushi (RM4.80).

Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM6). When I took the first piece, it tasted superb! The crab was super crunchy and not oily. The rice roll was not too thick, just nice, with some mayonaise, this maki taste the best. I think better than ordering soft shell crab itself.

Sashimi Salad (RM12.80) with Zanmai sauce. The sauce was very unique in a sense that I never tasted similar taste before. It was with some sort of mayonaise and tint of garlic flavour in it. The salad was fresh, salmon was fresh except the tuna (the darker piece of sashimi) was fishy. So I asked boy boy to take all the tuna sashimi. Hehe.

When the manager was taking order at the table in front of me, I overheard the manager recommending them their sashimi as it was fresh today. Me and boy boy exchanged look, thinking whether the manager was lying just to finish their stock or our taste bud tasted it wrongly.

Kakiage Ramen (RM8.80). I ordered small so it came in a super small bowl with half kakiage. I would think that they can separate the kakiage from the soup as it become soggy once it was served. So, not crunchy anymore lor. A bit disappointing dish.

Unadon (RM15.80). Huge amount of unagi, marinated well with their special sauce. Sinfully delicious.

Ocha was priced at RM1 per cup + 10% service charge + 5% government tax. The total bill came up to RM57.75. Guess Zanmai is the best place to hang out with Boy boy as both of us are addicted to it already. Delicious food + Good quality + reasonable price.

Sushi Zanmai
Lt OB2-F1, Sunway Pyramid,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway.
Tel: 74923080
(Above Red Box)

Thai Express - The Curve

After walking in Ikea, it was time for lunch and it was so hard to decide where to makan. Then we passed by this Thai Express, so we went in. When I was looking at the menu, I thought I saw something moving below the table, I mean some shadow reflecting beneath my table (not on the floor). Then I look down, nothing. So I thought it was some reflection, then I continued looking at the menu. Then I saw something moving again, then when I looked (I really bent down and look beneath the table ok), nothing. I think my mind something wrong liao.

Then out of nowhere, a tiny cockroach crawling on our table! I was like WTH! I super scared of roaches ok. I straight away pushed my chair behind, lightly la, coz I dont wanna grab attention from other customers. But I think the waiters saw my reaction, but they didnt do anything. I think they even see the cockroach running le.

Boy boy was too slow to shove away the tiny thing. Erm... how am I suppose to eat lei like that? what if the thing crawl up to my food? what if it crawl up to my body? what if it flies? OMG OMG, my imagination has gone wild again!

A minute later, it crawled up again! Now, boy boy was fast enough to shove it on to the floor. I was thinking luckily not shove it to the table beside where 2 ladies were sitting. Hehe. Now I thought of it, actually I should tell the manager hor, so that I can have free food. How hygienic is this restaurant.

Ice Lemon Tea (RM5.90) and Soursop Juice (RM7.90). The drinks took quite awhile to arrive, it arrived minutes later after our food arrived. The drinks were ok.

Boy boy ordered Green Chicken Laksa (RM14.90). The green curry tasted sweet and not spicy at all. I like the taste of it. I kept on drinking the soup. Hehe.

Claypot Prawns Glass Noodles (RM16.90). The smell of it was nice. However, when I tasted it, it was quite normal and not my preference taste lor. There were 5 pieces of prawns but all also not fresh one, the flesh sticked to the shell, very hard to remove it. They put too much red chilli until I have to pick every single of it out. Glass noodle amount was huge until I cant finish. Actually I really dont like it. I have to mix the glass noodle with green curry only I managed to finish half a bowl.

I totally will not come back to this restaurant. First, because of the hygiene (if really got cockroach also dont let me see it la). Second, the food quality not nice. Third, the price also not nice. It charges 5% government tax and 10% service charge until our total bill of RM52.45. I can have much more better food in Zanmai for that amount. So, this restaurant is a big No-No for me liao.

Thai Express Restaurant
G50, Jalan PJU 7/3,
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
(Besides Baskin Robbins)

Ikea Breakfast

Boy boy has always wanted to decorate his room, or should I say refurbish his room. So his mission is to buy lamps that can create some nice environment inside his room. So, early in the morning, I woke him up and we went to Ikea.

When we reached there at 10.45am, we went for a breakfast in Ikea. I always wanted to try their meatballs as my dad and sis said it was super tasty. However, Ikea only serves meatballs, I mean lunch meals after 11.30am. So we settled with the sandwiches that they served for breakfast as we were super hungry already.

Refillable soft drinks for RM1.50 and refillable coffee for RM3.50. They 4 coffee machines that served coffee and milk, cappuccino and coffee. So Scott went and drank 2 cups of cappucino and 1 cup of coffee. Ended he couldnt sleep in the afternoon.

Prawn Sandwich. Huge amount of cold prawns were given plus they were all very fresh. The cabbage and the cucumber were very crunchy. With the addition of a tint of lemon add some extrac kick to the sandwich. However, the mayonaise was so-so only, and the bread was a bit thin lor. Hope they serve thicker bread.

Chicken Ham Sandwich. Thick pieces of cheese and a piece of ham. Served cold as well. Not bad actually. Now, the bread is too thick for our liking. Hehe.

At 11.30am, lunch sets started. People willing to wait from 10.30am until 11.30am for the lunch. The lunch meals must be good. I saw people buying meat balls and fries, chicken wings, chicken chops etc. Too bad me and boy boy wanted to proceed to shopping already. Next time I must come back to try their lunch set.

I enjoyed walking in Ikea with Boy boy coz it looked like both of us bought a new house and eagerly to decorate the new home together. Anyway, come back to reality. We spent 3 hours in Ikea, majority of the time was in the Lighting Section where boy boy hunted for his lamp.

So for three hours, we bought a laundry basket, clock, 2 lamps, and 2 bulbs.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Magic Wok Restaurant

During the game of 'In Between', everyone was asking everyone whether they have any programmes for Valentine's Day dinner. I mean Yweng couple, Nikky couple, Scott couple, Kinyu couple, and Calvin couple. Oh Ya, and my bro himself.

The first to answer was Kinyu who said that he has to go back for a candle light dinner with Anne. Wah! The gf prepared candle light dinner, so romantica! Calvin sure cannot go out for dinner lor coz need to shift house the next day. Then Nikky and Yweng said no program coz everywhere is expensive. Of coz, for Scott who doesnt plan ahead, definately he has no program.

So, I suggested to try Magic Wok near Atria since two months ago I went with my dad and my mum, and I forgotten to bring my camera. Plus, is a chinese restaurant, sure they wont have 'valentine's day set dinner' right? So the seven of us went there at 7.30pm and luckily enough we managed to get a table, but unlucky enough, the table was near the entrance and there is no glass door separating the air-con inside from the heat outside. So, it was a bit hot throughout the dinner lor.

Yam Basket (RM28), my bro's favourite dish. However, the yam served here was a bit gamy and the coating of the yam was nothing spectacular. The inner ingredients were standard.

Twin Pork Ribs (RM22). The ribs were marinated with sweet sauce and it tasted good. The only complain was the fats of each rib were too much lor.

Claypot Brinjal with Minced Meat (RM15). It was served hot and the fragrance of the tiny winy fish paste was flowing through. It was love at first taste when I tasted in during the visit with my parents and I cant resist not ordering this during this visit. There were no super-fishy taste at all! Compared to last time I visited a restaurant in SS2, the dish was so fishy until I only took two spoon of it and left it there [btw, the restaurant has closed down]. Anyway, this dish must be eaten together with rice as it would be very salty without rice. Thumbs up!

Roast Duck (RM24 for half). Magic Wok's signature roast duck, served with a saucer plate of chilli and dipping sauce. The duck has a very strong herbs taste, so I think it was marinated with some chinese herbs. Other than that, this was just an average roast duck. The stall in ss2 market sells much better roast duck.

Claypot Tofu (RM20). Quite a big portion I can say. The tofu was quite solid but soft in texture and the sauce was nice. Everyone like this dish.

Magic Wok offers extensive selection of dish, you would be spoilt for choices. Their price range is slightly more expensive than the normal 'Dai Chao' (due to its air-con and cleaner environment), but more cheaper than the high class chinese restaurant that host wedding banquet. The meal that we had above came to RM20 per person. The restaurant charges 10% service tax.

I definately would visit them again to try out other dishes. It is advisable to come early around 7pm as the crowd starts to pour in around 8pm.

The Magic Wok Restaurant
No. 32, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya.
Tel: 77292288

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 6

My mum broke the news on my cousin Yen is getting married. For the past few days, the topics between my mum and my gucheh were 'Marriage' 'Marriage' and 'Marriage'. Even my grandma came beside me while I was having my dinner, 'Ah Mun, yen is getting married wo, when is your turn?'. Erm, 'Mah mah, not so fast yet la.'

During dinner time, my mum asked, 'Is Scott planning for a marriage?'. That questions shocked the spirit out of my body! My mum never ask me this sort of question regarding marriage before. We only talked about people's wedding and not my wedding. Omg, is that a good sign or a bad sign?

I hesitated, then I answered, 'maybe 2-3 years time'. Then she said, 'I am not talking about you, who wanted to get married eagerly, I am talking about scott whether he has any planning or not?'. That stunned me. I was struggling for words as I know for the fact that scott is not planning anything.

My mum statement hit hard on my head and she woke me up from my dream.

All along, I was the only one who wanted to get married at the age of 28.

All along, I was the only one that wanted to have a baby before 30 years old.

All along, I was the only one who got really excited when I was attending a wedding dinner.

All along, I was the only one who is interested in wedding potraits.

All along, I was the only one who wanted a wedding!

My mum saw through me. She continued, 'Are both of you saving money for the marriage?'. I struggled for words. She continued again, 'Marriage is not as simple as you think. Being someone else daughter is thousand times better than being someone else wife'.

'Your dad and I just want you to get someone who can give you a lifestyle better than what daddy gives you'. Awww......I am speechless. Nothing to fight back.

No one can guarantee what will happen in the future.

Even though a guy that treats me good now, doesnt mean that he will not hit me in the future.

Even though a guy who can gives me tons of money or house or car or clothes, doesnt mean that he will love me in the future.

Even though a guy who doesnt have tons of money, doesnt mean that he wont be rich in the future.

Even though a guy who does not plan, doesnt mean that he dont wanna marry me. Right?

Valentine's Day

In the morning, went to Tesco Mutiara Damansara to buy diapers coz I saw a discount on Mamy Poko diapers in the newspaper on Friday. Oh, you must be wondering why I need to buy diapers right? Coz Valentine's day is baby Ning Ning's full moon birthday as well. The parents dont want new clothes, dont want hampers, dont want lotion. So me and my bro decided to get them something usable or neccessary for them. [Now only I notice that I didnt take a photo of the diapers. =.=] and diapers are not cheap. Is equivalent to 1 1/2 of my RM25 baju from Sg Wang.

After walking in Tesco, bro decided to buy cupcakes as he said that the cupcakes I brought back that day were not the 'real' cupcakes. He said, 'let me show you what is nice cupcake'. [really wanna kena tumbuk by me ar him].

So we when to Cupcake Chic located in The Curve. It is just a small shop with a counter, a display cupboard, two high tables, and four high chairs. The first thing that shocked me was the price --> RM4.50/pc. SWT! Big Swt! For RM4.50 I can eat a decent laksa, char kuey teow, wanton mee, chicken rice etc. One meal punya cost man. My bro really seh tak eat wei. Beh tahan him.

Since my bro is recommending it and he wanted to prove to me what is 'nice' cupcakes plus he wanted to bring to Calvin's house to belanja his friends, he bought 1 dozen. 1 dozen cost RM48 I think. So we took each of the following flavours (with some funky names too): Back to Basics, Wake Me Up, Forget Me Not, Butter Pecan, Fatal Attraction, Chocofee, Naughty n Nice, Othello, Banoppy. These are the few names I managed to key in into my hp. Dont ask me which name is for which cupcake, I have totally no idea.

For the above picture, I took the one on the top left corner. Tasted like coffee le. The middle spot of chocolate is high quality chocolate according to boy boy, not the cheap skate one. Whoa! Super duper sweet! The cream on top was made with soft sugar, some sort like icing but is the soft type.

I took another one from the bottom right corner of the above picture. Tasted like caramel and inside was embedded with some nut. Not bad.

Is not that the taste was bad, the cake texture was soft, the taste was nice. It was just the super sugary that I cannot tahan. Both side of my cheek kinda numb (Sweet until numb). Hehe.If you have a very sweet tooth, Cupcake chic definately you need to try man.

Oh ya, Happy Birthday to Baby Ning Ning. Shaved her head, no more mohawk hair liao. But still look as pretty as Sharifah Armani when she shaved off her head. The angpow was from my mum. My mum said to you hor, clever and intelligent, respect your parents and study hard.

There is another baby in da house! Baby Wei Jie. When he screamed, he can blow the house down. I tried to jaga for 10 minutes and I was super exhausted.

Lunch was served: Meehoon and mee, nasi kunyit, curry chicken (not spicy so ngam my bro), chicken wine, pork knuckle vinegar and red eggs. Still couldnt take chicken wine, coz I am a totally none-wine person, tried pork knuckle vinegar, super sourish. Sigh, how am I suppose to take these stuffs during my confinement lei?

After lunch, 'Hoi Toi!' We played cards 'In Between'. First time playing this game and I thought it was exciting. Your heart will really jump out one. 'Jong Tiang' is the one that you do not hope for. But, when a person who was as unlucky as Mich, will kena Tiang for 3 consecutive time. Super crazy!

7pm, we adjorned for dinner. Will continue in the next post on what I had for Valentine's dinner.


Bought valentine's pressie for my boy boy at the very last minute. Boxer brief and a belt. Nowadays he is so into boxer brief, so I bought for him his favourite brand Renoma boxer brief. Plus, I accidentally ter-stractched his belt and he scolded me 'Stupid!', so I bought him a brand new belt as well. Hope he likes it!

On Monday, everyone was asking how I celebrate my valentine's day, and what did my boy boy gave me. valentine's day was nothing spectacular, and my valentine didnt give me any valentine pressie. Every year also he didnt give one this year he gave the reason, 'this year is no exception lor since every year also didnt give one ma'. Hehe. Poor me, although I know he didnt buy anything, but small part of me was still hoping he give me a small gift. Better not hope next time.