Friday, January 30, 2009

Tony Roma's - Cineleisure

Boy boy suddenly said wanna eat Chillis or Tony Roma's, then I asked why wanna eat so expensive food. He said he won some money so he wanna eat something nicer. So I chose TR in Cineleisure. We were seated at a quiet corner.

Boy boy wanna order Cod Fish but the waitress said Cod Fish is unavailable that day, and she recommended us to try their new menu. But I said it was all beef, and she said they can change it to chicken. Ooo... that's good! So boy boy ordered this, "Surf & Turf". The most expensive burger in the bunch (RM26.90), other burgers were RM23.90. (I think he knows that I love prawns, so he ordered this).

Boy boy ordered free flow of coke (RM6.90) and I ordered Tropical Orange Freeze. This freeze tasted normal only, not much orange flavour but huge flavour of coconut taste. Dont know why also. I hate anything with coconut except the fresh coconut drink. Doesnt fancy this one.

House Caeser Salad (RM9.90). Not bad. You wont go wrong with caesar salad.

Chicken Surf and Turf (RM23.90). Note the price, they didnt charge us RM26.90. I only noticed it while I am typing this post. I think it was because we changed from beef to chicken gua. Anyway, it smell nice when it arrived.

When we open the top bun, we were shocked by the amount of prawns that were given! Total of 9 pieces of it! Wah...TR is super generous wei. Compared to the picture above, the prawns served was like triple the picture. This is the first time that I have eaten something that the real thing is way better than its look in the picture.

Lots of onions, and lots of fries. The chicken was not dry at all. The sauce on the prawns was tastey. The only complain was the vegetables given were too little. Despite that, it was a totally outrageous burger that can blow us away!

Southern Bank credit cards are entitled to RM10% off. The service was very good that day. The waiter was very proactive, he offered to refill boy boy's coke even it was not empty. Compared to the service when I last visited, they have improved a lot, as the service last time sux big time.

Thanks boy boy for the treat! Next time win more money then we can eat again! Hahaha.

Tony Roma's Restaurant
Lot G-29 (II), G-32 & G-33,
Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 77287833

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