Friday, January 16, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 5

Warning: If you always stay alone in hotel room and faint hearted, please do not proceed in reading this post. Don’t scold me for not warning you wei.

I used to travel outstation once in 3 months and I would be staying in the hotel alone. Being a ‘scardy-cat’ like me, I would refrain myself from thinking all the ‘nonsense’ stuffs (you know what I mean) when I am in the room. However, sometimes this self-refraining doesn’t really work you see.

During the Penang trip, all 3 of us got a room in 3 different floors. So, I requested for a room change during check-in time, and asked the lady to put me at the room next to my 2 colleagues. Just in case anything happen, I can run out and knock on their door. Hehe. The lady was so nice and she arranged a room for me located between my 2 colleagues. Good.

After reading so many emails on the cautious steps that one should take when entering a hotel room, I would rather follow some of it. Once we were outside the room, WH rang the door bell, while SR knocked the door. Woop, both of them are superstitious as me. Well, I was kiasu a bit, so I rang the bell and knocked the door.

Once I entered the room, immediately I flush the toilet bowl. I took out my shoe and flipped one the other way round. Next, I went and see whether there is any bible laid open on the table. Nope, there wasn’t.

Okay, everything is fine. So I switched on the TV to have some noise around the room. Then went to toilet for a pee, once I close the door, there was a mirror behind it, honestly speaking, I was shocked by the mirror actually. Suddenly saw a full figure reflecting on it, that was me. This room was filled with mirrors, behind the bathroom door, 2 sides around the basin, one at the coffee table, and one at the writing table. I hate mirrors in hotel room or anything that reflects. What if I see something appear in the mirror?

Normally, I would switch on the toilet lights only during night time. However, that day I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking nonsense stuffs. My heart beat was very fast. Is not that I feel something eerie, is just that mentally I was not prepared at that time I think. Maybe long time didn’t travel alone already. I was very uneasy the whole night. So I slept with my bed light on (although is only one lamp, but it lid up the room), doorway light on and bathroom light on. Plus, my TV was on as well. First time I am doing all these things at once.

The bed given was king size plus 2 big pillows and 1 small pillow. The bed was dem big! Being a tiny me, I slept in the middle and there was so much more space left. So, I put my bag on the left, and my wallet on my right, my magazine at the end of the bed, trying to indicate that ‘my bed is fully occupied, please don’t sit here’. Plus, I dumped my clothes on the sofa and the chair so that these are occupied as well.

As a whole, didn’t get a good sleep actually. Mentally whirl-winding in my mind the whole night. Luckily, nothing happen that night.

If you ask me whether I have goose bump while writing this post…. The answer is ….

Yes, I have.

p/s: hope I don’t spook you with this post.

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