Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sheraton Imperial Hotel - KL

You have seen my company dinner hoolas in my previous post. Now, let's get started on the dinner served. Chinese 8-course dinner were served.

Plus, each table has their own designated waiter to serve the food.

Plus, he will divide the food according.

Plus, our table has only 5 people while it was cater for 10 people.

Equals to, massive amount of food.

The Four Season Platter - Mushroom with fish pastes, Chilli Stir Fried Escargots, Crab Meat Stick and Fu Chuk. This dish was cold when it was served as the dinner started at 9pm (like the typical Chinese Wedding dinner already). The escargot was super spicy (even spicy-eater like PY also said dem spicy) and a bit fishy taste. I like the Fuchuk and the crab stick.

Szechuan soup + Shark fin = Szechuan Sharkfin soup. First time heard of this combination. This dish was served hot. At first, it tasted a bit weird, but the more I drank it, the tastier it became. The szechuan taste was just nice and lots of sharkfin with it. Perfecto!

The above picture was my first bowl of shark fin, while the picture below was my third bowl. The waiter was scared that we cant finish the whole thing, so he re-filled massive amount until it leaked out. Haha.

From that dish onwards, the waiter served us big portion of food until we said 'a little bit, enough already'. Steam Fish. The meat was a bit rough, tasted quite bland.

Lemon Chicken. The waiter gave each of us a piece of lemon, farnie right? He thought that we will eat the lemon together with the chicken maybe. Until this dish, my stomach was dem full already. I only managed to eat one piece. The chicken was crispy, and the lemon taste was just nice.

Prawns. PY was peeling her prawns when her name was announced on the stage as lucky draw winner. I kept on clapping hands until I couldnt taste the prawn. The prawns shell was strongly sticked to its flesh, making it so hard to open it with metal spoon. I only managed to peel off one prawn only.

Assorted Vegetables. Standard dish.

Fried Rice. I was busy taking pictures else where while this dish was served. Angela told me that the waiter waited for me to come back and take the picture of this dish before he starts dividing it to us. Kind fella. Love the cuttlefish stripes on top of it and the big size prawn. Not bad. Even though I was super full at that time, I still managed to finish a bowl of it.

Longan with Sea Coconut Dessert. Super sweet wei.

Fried Pan Cakes. Always my favourite dish. Hot and crunchy.

Went a go go with a super full stomach that night.

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