Friday, January 16, 2009

Shanghai 10 Grand - Avenue K

Having been craving for this restaurant for quite some time, PY, AL and I finally got to visit this restaurant yesterday during lunch time. When we arrived, the restaurant ngam ngam full house, so the lady boss took down our name and asked us to wait a while. So we took a seat at the entrance. Within 1 minute, few groups of people came and the lady boss took their names as well.

We waited for like 10 minutes, then we saw someone was leaving. Then, the women came after us (means that she was 2nd on the list, while we were the first), went up there trying to get the table. PY told me, "If the boss let her in, she will kena from me already", as this consider 'Jumping Q' and the boss let her do it, so it is a "wrong" ethic.

Mana tau the boss stopped the Q-jumper and she was looking for us and signal us to go in. "Wahaha" .... that was me and PY reaction. Some people trying to jump Q and failed. Laughed at her kao kao. Who ask her 'attempted' to jump Q, she saw us came in before her what. Tak malu betul. Padan muka dia.

Mint Butter Steamed Bun (RM5). Fuiyoh, look at the custard flowing out! The bun was very soft in texture, and the custard filled with salted egg yolk plus butter plus a tint of mint flavour. PY loves it! I do hope that they can steam it hotter though. Thanks AL for breaking the bun and let me take photo of the inner fillings.

Shanghai Dumpling in soya sauce (RM5). The filling was ok, but the sauce was lack of flavour.

PY has this Spicy and Sour La Mien (RM9.80) all by herself as she was super hungry. I tried the soup. This dish would be great for a person who loves super sour plus super spicy things. It almost tasted like szechuan-style soup. PY loves it!

Crab Roe Shanghai La Mien (RM12.80). AL and I shared this bowl of mee. This dish was strongly recommended by my bro. The soup was like shark fin soup type of texture with lots of ginger slices. You can choose to add in vinegar if you want. Super soup! It was extremely worth the money plus huge amount of crab roe in it.

Super uber loves the La Mien served in this restaurant. Thousand times better than One Noodles. The La Mien varieties and tastiness offer enough reason for me to come back and taste it again.

Shanghai 10 Grand
Lot UC-4a, to UC-11
Upper Concourse Flr,
Avenue K, 50450 KL.
Tel: 2166 1998

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