Friday, January 2, 2009

Screw u screw for screwing me!

Today while walking in KLCC during lunch time, suddenly something hit my head. Then I heard something felt on the floor. I looked down and saw a tiny screw (like the photo below).

I touched my head, then looked at my hand. No blood. Oh ok, I am fine.

Then I touched my head again. I rubbed rubbed. Dem Pain ok. The screw came with a momentum you know.

Then we (ya, I was walking with Angela and she heard me blurted out 'Ouch!') turned around and looked above, no one standing at the side of each floors wo. We didnt see any renovation going on wo. So where does this screw came from? came with a momentum somemore. Hit me with an impact.

I wanna take the up the screw so that take photo but too many people walking around, so I paiseh (malu) to pick it up. Now while I am writing, the spot where the screw hit me paining abit. KLCC sooooo big and the screw is sooooo small, and still it kena me! I am really speechless.

Angela told me to buy Magnum, Annie told me to buy Magnum as well. Guess you guys will tell the same thing as well lor hor.

Sigh, I think I have screwed too many people, ended up got screwed by a screw.

p/s: Thanks Annie for giving me the inspiration for the title of this post.

1 comment:

Annie said...

You should cherish the screw, coz its a heavenly screw that screwed you...