Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion Dinner 2009

My family has been eating out for Reunion Dinner for the past few years. Last time, there was only one or two restaurant open on CNY eve, so there wasnt much choices then. Now, there were like more than 10 restaurants open on CNY eve. Guess everyone wants to earn money though. I think with the increased foreign labour intake, all the restaurants can afford to open on CNY eve: cheap labour + they dont need to celebrate CNY.

Plus, most of the restaurants arrange the dinner in 2 session for that night ie. first session at 6pm and second session at 8pm. Can? These people really know how to make money. PY told me that in Kuantan, the restaurant only do one session and the customer can come in anytime. There is no time limit for you to come in or finish the food. Plus, there will have karaoke session after 10.30pm, and anyone can sing. I guess the business mindset for people in KL/PJ area is different from outstation area.

This year, we chose Restaurant Hooi Loong for CNY eve dinner as the food was not bad usually. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, it was dem packed and we were seated outside a private room in a tiny space, some sort like blocking people entering in and out from the room. I am guessing that they added a few tables to cater for the demand that night, and I think our table doesnt exist during normal days. The moment we sat down, it was soooo hot! Our area doesnt receive any air-conditioning. Bad arrangement.

Fortune Salmon and Jellyfish Yee Sang. Lou until Wind Mountain Water Rise! Most importantly is pay rise!

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat, Dried Scallops and Fish Lips. Erm, what is fish lips? The soup was dem salty. However, it was rich with the ingredients.

Roasted Crispy Chicken. The chicken a bit crispy only and it tasted normal. However, when I dipped with the chilli sauce, it added the extra omph to this dish. The chilli sauce somewhat tasted like the chicken rice chilli sauce, but it wasnt spicy and it has a little bit of ginger and peanut it in.

Steamed Red Grouper with XO sauce. 2 small red grouper, can? The fish was overcooked. However, I think the soya sauce and the fried ikan billis worked this dish out. Not bad.

Baked Tiger Prawns with Chinese Wine, Ginger and Spring Onion. I was a bit disappointed when they cooked the prawns with this flavour. This flavour will only taste nice when it is stir fried with beef or deer meat. Wasted the tiger prawns only when they cook like this. No doubt taste-wise it wasnt that bad, but to me, this dish doenst work out. Plus, I didnt taste any tiny winy tint of wine also, so why bother adding in the word 'wine' in the name?

Stewed Mushrooms with Dried Oyster, Sea Moss and Gluten. I didnt notice how small portion this dish was until everyone wanna take the vegetables. Look at it, count count count the vege also doesnt have 10 pieces. Wasnt this dish meant for 10 people? Besides the vege, I think the mushroom and the fuchuk also doesnt have 10 pieces. Sooo stingy. Luckily the waiter didnt come and divide this dish for us, I think he will face difficulty dividing it, unless he is a math-dump. This dish tasted bland as well.

Master Fried Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat. By the look of it, it tasted nice. However, when I took the 'lap cheong' (waxed meat), it tasted farnie and it smelt farnie too! The smell was too 'overwhelming' for me and I couldnt proceed into eating it. Bluek!

Double boiled Sea Coconut with Longan. This dessert was served hot. The waiter helped us to pour into each bowl. I highlighted this because the waiter was like in a hurry like that, simply pour pour pour, didnt even divide the longan and sea coconut balance-ly to each bowl, plus he poured like half a bowl of the dessert on the table as total. Wei, dont waste our money like that! I know you are in a hurry to chase us away, but please at least pour properly la.

Deep Fried Chinese New Year Cake "Nian Gao". Erm, this was an oily one, and the sweet potato that they used was a bit hard / expired. So I just scrapped out the Nian Gao and eat it only. My grandma fries better Nian Gao then them. Somemore still called themselves a restaurant.

You will never have a boring moment with the presence of this brother and sister team.

Throughout the whole session, we have to change the plates ourselves, have to tidy up the plate ourselves, and pour tea ourselves. They should have arrange one waiter / waitress to serve a table. Hallo, we are paying for the food ok, do serve us better.

As a whole, I wouldnt consider to come back this restaurant for CNY dinner except on normal days. They do serve much more better food quality during normal days.

Restoran Hooi Loong
7 - 17, Ground Floor,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
(Outside Atria Damansara and same row as Pizza Hut)


PhuiYee said...

let me correct u. D restaurant did have two session for those sitting in groundfoor, then the upper floor is a hall when they will organize it into a dinner where we purchase the tickets..

PhuiYee said...

meaning that you purchase one whole table for your family lo..then they will serve you stantard 8 dish..then in between, they have entertainment for you like singing,

PhuiYee said...

choy san yeh come out and give you lucky number to buy toto and etc lo..this kind of dinner function only have one session..ok? i think mostly KL will have it lo cz it looks more organize!

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